COO Proposal Eligibility Policy

The policies governing COO Proposal Eligibility for Caltech Palomar and Keck time are as follows:

  • Revised: Applicants must be in residence at Caltech at the time proposals are submitted and throughout the subsequent academic quarter (e.g. spring quarter for spring-submitted observing proposals for the B semester).
  • Caltech Faculty, Senior Research Associates, Senior Research Fellows, Senior Research Staff (approved by COO Director), Post-Doctoral Scholars, and Graduate Students may apply for COO-administered observing time at Keck and Palomar.
  • Caltech Faculty and Senior Research Associates (SRA) may submit no more than four (4) Keck proposals in a single semester, with no more than three (3) proposals submitted to the classical observing pool, and no more than two proposals submitted to the ancillary (i.e. Keck Cadence, TOO, and Twilight) observing pools. Faculty/SRAs may submit any number of Palomar proposals in a single semester.
  • Caltech Senior Research Fellows, Approved Research Staff, & Post-Doctoral Scholars may submit any number of Palomar proposals, but are limited to one Keck proposal per semester.
  • Caltech Graduate Students may apply for Palomar time only.

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