How Does a Dark Compact Object Ringdown?

Elisa Maggio(Sapienza University of Rome)

Nov 30, 2020

The nature of the remnant of a compact binary coalescence can be probed with the gravitational-wave signal associated to the object’s ringdown. This is of particular interest in view of some quantum-gravity models which predict the existence of horizonless compact objects that overcome several semi-classical issues associated to black holes. Such dark compact objects can emit a modified prompt ringdown with respect to the black hole case and late-time gravitational wave echoes as characteristic fingerprints. In this talk, I develop a generic framework to the study of the ringdown of compact objects and provide a gravitational-wave template for the echo signal. I assess the detectability of dark compact objects with current and future gravitational-wave detectors. I show that LISA will place strong constraints on dark compact objects allowing for model-independent tests of the black-hole hypothesis.

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