Frequently Asked Questions (and Stock Answers):

Q: Can I get some financial support to attend?
A: Maybe, but we cannot promise anything to anyone at this time. We have applied for the funding for this purpose to both the NSF and NASA. We will divide whatever money we get to the needy participants in some equitable fashion. A preference will be given to junior scientists and to the invited speakers who really need such support. When you arrive and pick your registration packet, there will be a form of some sort for you to fill, and after the meeting is over we will divide up whatever money we have left and send out the checks.

Q: Can I get a letter of invitation?
A: We'll be happy to send you a letter inviting you to participate in the conference. This is not to be construed as an invitation to give a talk; the SOC will issue such invitations according to their plans. But we can send you a letter if it will help you, say, with securing your own funding to attend. If you need such a letter, please email

Q: Can I give a contribited talk?
A: No. There will be no contributed talks at all. Posters, yes. The SOC will invite a modest number of reviews etc. There will be a lot of discussions in which all participants are encouraged to contribute. We will come up with some way to produce a written version of these discussions, so that your comments can be immortalised.

Q: When can I see the final schedule?
A: The schedule is in place now.

Q: Can I pay in cash?
A: Yes, so long as it is US Dollars.

This will grow as we become aware of other questions that intereted parties have.

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