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Kirk BorneUsing On-Line Databases to Estimate the Galaxy Interaction Rate
Kirk BorneIn Search of the IR Background using Large Astronomical Databases
Cynthia CheungDistributed Archives Interoperability (Powerpoint)
Carol ChristianA view from research institutes and observatories
Elaine DobinsonPlanetary Data System (PDF)
Jim GrayHardware status and forecast: storage, networks, etc. (Powerpoint)
Sandy GrosvenorScientist's Expert Assistant
Robert Hanischoverview of NASA archives and info services
Robert HanischISAIA
Joseph JacobLarge-scale visualisation of digital sky surveys
Andrew LawrenceUK astronomy surveys of Terabyte to Petbyte size - SuperCOSMOS, UKIRT Wide Field, VISTA (Powerpoint + HTML)
Brian McLeanGround-based wide-area imaging surveys in the visible and NIR
Steven H. PravdoSolar system surveys (Powerpoint)
Doug RobertsAdler Planetarium astronomy and outreach
Ed ShayaBasic Principles of an eXtensible Data Format (Poster)
Roy WilliamsInformation Models and Interoperation (Powerpoint)
Roy WilliamsNotes from Visualization Group at VO Vonference (Powerpoint)

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