Conference Publication Information

The proceedings of this conference will be published as part of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series.  The title of the publication is expected to be Virtual Observatories of the Future and will be edited by Robert J. Brunner, S. George Djorgovski, and Alexander Szalay. All registered conference attendees will receive a copy as part of their registration fee. If you have online material relating to, or including your presentation (e.g., PowerPoint presentations), feel free to send us the link and we can link to it on the online conference program.

Author Instructions

General Information:

Obtaining the Latex Template and Style files:

Preparing the paper:



Submitting your paper:





smithj1.eps, smithj2.eps.      



smithj1.tex, smithj1_1.eps.



% tar -cvf smithj.tar smithj.tex smithj1.eps smithj2.eps

% gzip smithj.tar



               % ftp

            ftp> [log in as anonymous]

            ftp> [use your email address as the password]

            ftp> cd incoming

            ftp> bin

            ftp> put smithj.tar.gz

            ftp> [exit]


Manuscripts must be received no later than August 1st, 2000 in order to be assured publication in the Proceedings.