Helin Commemorative Workshop

Near Earth Asteroids

28 September 2010

Cahill Hameetman Auditorium

In recognition of the many contributions of Dr. Eleanor and Mr. Ronald Helin to the Caltech community and Palomar Observatory, Caltech Optical Observatories (COO) is hosting a Helin Commemorative Workshop on Near Earth Asteroids in the Cahill Hameetman Auditorium on 28 September 2010. This workshop will focus on current and future observations of Near Earth Asteroids. The event is free and open to all members of the Caltech & JPL communities. Relevant contributed posters are welcome. Dr. Helin

Scientific Organizing Committee Co-Chairs: Mike Brown (CIT), Don Yeomans (JPL).


28 September 2010:


Contributed Displays

Display space will be provided for topically-relevant poster contributions. Contributors who wish to reserve a 3'x3' display space may contact Andy Boden (bode [at] astro.caltech.edu) to request assigned display space; unassigned display space will be available on a first-come/first-served basis on the meeting day. The SOC retains the right to assess the suitability of any contributed displays.

Caltech Visitors

Caltech visitors please see information on visiting the Cahill/Hameetman Auditorium.

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