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Date-Specific Observing

Use this form to provide the details for Date-Specific observing. When finished, save the form on your computer as a pdf document to be merged with the cover sheet and the discussion section of your proposal.
Principal Investigator: E-mail*:
*email address must match the email address used as login on the Palomar Reservations website.

Program Title:


Sked Date (PT) Target RA Dec Event Date (PT) Event Time (PT) Night Inst Priority
*Provide full details in the discussion section.
Sked Date is the night on which the project is to be scheduled. For example: If an event will occur at 2:00 a.m. (PT) on 14 March, Sked Date will be 13 March.
Use additional sheets if necessary.

2019B Palomar Date Specific Observing
Last updated: 25 February 2019 - RJB/AFB