60-inch/P60 Telescope Cover Sheet – Semester

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* 1000 characters maximum, unformatted text only, resize box as needed. (1) Abstracts should be a brief synopsis of the scientific program and should not include the details of the observing request (number of nights, etc.). (2) Abstracts will be posted on the schedule intended, in part, for public outreach, and should be written accordingly.

Status Priority Linked to Keck Linked to P200 Linked to P48 Thesis Project Date-Specific * New/Cont Project **

* Provide full details in the discussion section. Download the Date-Specific Supplement, fill in the required information and include it as an addendum to your proposal.
** For a new project, include in the discussion section an estimate of the total observing time needed for completion. For a continuation of an existing project, give a review of its status and an estimate of the observing time needed for completion.


60-inch Telescope Request

The 60-inch telescope is operated as a service-observing instrument, with individual observations obtained according to scheduling queues established by the telescope manager to achieve maximum efficiency. Principal Investigators are not at the telescope during observing.


  1. The principal instrument at the 60-inch is the SED Machine.
  2. Use the table below to enter the desired observing time (in hours) per month.
  3. As a rough guide, 6.0 hours of on-target observing time is equivalent to one night.
hrs hrs hrs hrs hrs hrs

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