PHARO Project

PHARO (Palomar High Angular Resolution Observer)

A facility instrument for the Hale telescope and the JPL Palomar Adaptive Optics System

PHARO is a near-infrared camera built by the Cornell University Astronomy Department Infrared Group specifically for use with the 200-inch Hale telescope at Palomar Observatory and the Palomar Adaptive Optics system built by JPL.

The instrument offers the following features:
  • 1024x1024 Rockwell HAWAII HgCdTe array detector
    • Wavelength Sensitivity 1 - 2.5 microns
    • Read Noise < 10 e-
  • Imaging at 25 and 40 mas/pixel.
    • Diffraction-limited angular resolution = 0.063" @J, 0.111" @K.
    • Large-format detector allows 25 and 40 arcsec fields of view.
    • Full selection of J,H,K, and Ks filters for broadband imaging.
    • Selected narrow band (~1%) filters for emission line imaging.
    • Occulting masks and pupil stops for coronagraphic observations.
  • Grism spectroscopy in 40 mas/pixel mode
    • 3 grisms which disperse the J, H, and K bands across detector at R~1500.
    • 0.1, 0.2, and 0.5 arcsec slits.

For further information, please contact P200 Instrument Support

Last updated on 9/17/2020