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Marin Anderson
Adventures Through Time and Phase Space: Characterizing the Dynamic Radio Sky, From MHz to GHz, From Seconds to Years.
Gregg Hallinan
Project Scientist with OVRO-LWA, Caltech

Scott Barenfeld
New Insights into Circumstellar Disk Evolution in the Era of ALMA.
Anneila Sargent

Michael Eastwood
Searching for the Cosmic Dawn with the Hyperfine Structure Transition of Hydrogen.
Gregg Hallinan

Io Kleiser
Modeling Rapidly Fading Supernovae as Nickel-Free Core-Collapse Explosions of Extended Helium Stars
Sterl Phinney

Nicha Leethochawalit
Spectroscopy of Galaxies: Evolution of Escape Fractions, Metallicity Gradients and Stellar Metallicity.
Evan Kirby
Postdoc, University of Melbourne

Denise Schmitz
A Perturbative Model for the Intrinsic Alignments of Galaxies.
Phil Hopkins
Postdoc, Caltech


Marta Bryan
Lurking in the Shadows: Wide-Separation Gas Giants as Tracers of Planet Formation
Heather Knutson
51 Peg b Fellow, UC Berkeley

Trevor David
On the Evolutionary Pathways of Stars and Extrasolar Planets
Lynne Hillenbrand
Postdoc, JPL

Abhilash Mishra
The Low-Frequency Frontier: Cosmology with Future 21cm Experiments
Chris Hirata
Harris School of Public Policy, UChicago

Allison Strom
Unveiling the Physical Conditions in Star-Forming Galaxies at Peak of Galaxy Assembly
Chuck Steidel
Carnegie Fellow
Carnegie Observatories


Mislav Balokovic
Unveiling the Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei with Hard X-ray Spectroscopy
Fiona Harrison
BHI Fellow, Harvard University

Rebecca Jensen-Clem
A Toolbox for Exoplanet Exploration
Shri Kulkarni
Miller Fellow, UC Berkeley

Melodie Kao
Constraining Substellar Magnetic Dynamos using Brown Dwarf Radio Aurorae
Gregg Hallinan
Postdoc, ASU

Benjamin Montet
Low-Mass Stars and Their Companions
John Johnson
Postdoc, U Chicago

Antonija Oklopcic
Radiative Processes in Astrophysical Gases: From the Intergalactic and Interstellar Medium to Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Chris Hirata
ITC Fellow, Harvard University

Sebastian Pineda
Multiwavelength Characterization of the Brown Dwarf Auroral Phenomenon - Establishing the Nature of the Electrodynamic Engine
Gregg Hallinan
Postdoc, Univ. Colorado

Jackie Villadsen
The Search for Stellar Coronal Mass Ejections
Gregg Hallinan
Jansky Fellow, NRAO Charlottesville


Sirio Belli
Deep near-infrared spectroscopy of high-redshift galaxies: the physical growth of passive systems
Richard Ellis
Postdoc, Max Planck for Extraterrestrial Physics, Germany

Michael Bottom
Two roads to planet detection
Shri Kulkarni&J.Johnson
Optical Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Yi Cao
Cosmic Explosions: Observations Of Infant Hydrogen-Free Supernovae Towards An Understanding Of Their Parent Systems
Shri Kulkarni
Google Corp, Santa Clara

Swarnima Manohar
Lurking in ULIRGs: Molecular Gas in local Merging Galaxies
Nick Scoville
Start up in LA


Krzysztof Findeisen
New Insights from Aperiodic Variability of Young Stars
Lynne Hillenbrand
Staff, LSST,  U of Washington

Matthew Schenker
Did galaxies reionize the universe?
Richard Ellis
Process Driven Training

Kunal Mooley
Exploring the Dynamic Radio Sky: The Search for Slow Transients with the VLA
Shri Kulkarni/Gregg Hallinan
 Jansky Fellow at NRAO & Caltech

Ryan Trainor
Faint Galaxies in the Mpc-Scale Environments ofHyper-Luminous QSOs at Redshifts 2<z<3
Chuck Steidel
Asst Professor, Franklin & Marshall College

Ke Zhang
Volatiles in Protoplanetary Disks
Geoff Blake
 Hubble Fellow,  U. Michigan


Stevenson, Matthew
Observational and theoretical advances in cosmological foreground emission
Tony Readhead
Synaptics Incorp

Morton, Tim
Demographic studies of extrasolar planets
John Johnson
Postdoc, Princeton

Tendulkar, Shriharsh
Beyond the blur: Construction and characterization of the first autonomous AO system and An AO survey of magnetar proper motions
Shri Kulkarni
Post-doctoral Fellow, McGill University, Canada


Jones, Tucker
Detailed properties of high redshift galaxies.
Richard Ellis
Assistant Professor, UC Davis

Max-Moerbeck, Walter
The relationship between the radio and gamma-ray emission of blazars
Tony Readhead
Asst. Professor, U. de Chile

Newman, Andrew
Dark matter and the assembly history of massive galaxies and clusters.
Richard Ellis
Staff Astronomers at Carnegie Observatories

Perez, Laura
Grain growth in protoplanetary disks
John Carpenter/Anneila Sargent
Asst. Professor,  U. de Chile

Rudie, Gwen
The intergalactic and circumgalactic medium surrounding star-forming galaxies at redshifts 2 < z < 3
Chuck Steidel
Staff Astronomers at Carnegie Observatories

Vera Gluscevic
CMB as a probe of new physics and old times
Marc Kamionkowski
Postdoc, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton


Bhalerao, Varun
Neutron stars and NuSTAR : A systematic survey of neutron star masses in high mass x-ray binaries & Characterization of CdZnTe detectors for NuSTAR
Fiona Harrison
Asst. Prof of Physics,  ITT, Mumbai, India

Cody, Ann Marie
A search for pulsation in young brown dwarfs and very low mass stars. Dissertation
Lynne Hillenbrand
Data Product Manager, K2 Mission, NASA/Ames

Tseliakhovich, Dmitriy

The cosmic stories : beginning, evolution, and present days of the universe

Chris Hirata
CTO, Escape Dynamics

Goncalves, Thiago
Topics in galaxy evolution: early star formation and quenching
Chris Martin
Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Krause, Elisabeth
Topics in large-scale structure
Chris Hirata
Kavli Fellow, Stanford

Lee, Samuel
Three paths to particle dark matter
Marc Kamionkowski
Postdoc, Princeton Center for Theoretical Science


Ali-Haimoud, Yacine
A new spin on primordial hydrogen recombination and a refined model for spinning dust radiation
Chris Hirata Postdoc, Johns Hopkins University
KASLIWAL, Mansi Bridging the gap: elusive explosions in the local universe
Shri Kulkarni Assistant Professor, Astronomy, Caltech
Bogosavljevic, Milan Lyman continuum and Lyman a emission from galaxies at high redshift. Chuck Steidel Technical Director at Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade
KRAUS, ADAM Multiple Star Formation Lynne Hillenbrand Assistant Professor - University of Texas, Austin
GRIN, Daniel The lukewarm frontier: Some cosmological consequences of 'low-energy' physics. Marc Kamionkowski Assistant Professor, Haverford College
CAMERON, P Brian The formation and evolution of neutron stars: astrometry, timing, and transients Shri Kulkarni Aerospace Corporation, Chantilly, VA
LAW, David R. The kiloparsec-scale structure and kinematics of high-redshift star-forming galaxies Chuck Steidel Astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute
STARK, Daniel Observing Galaxy Formation in the First Two Billion Years Richard Ellis Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
Schlichting, Hilke Understanding the origin of planetary systems: studying the Kuiper Belt and the dynamics of planet formation Reem Sari   Assoc. Professor, UCLA
Menendez-Delmestre, Karin The Luminous, the Massive and the Dusty: a Near- to Mid-Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Submillimeter Galaxies Andrew Blain Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Corder, Stuartt Optimizing Image Fidelity with Arrays Anneila Sargent Jansky Fellow/ALMA Commissioning Scientist, Santiago, Chile
Brobeck,Elina Measurement of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays with CHICOS Robert McKeown
BROWN, Joanna Childhood to Adolescence: Dust and Gas Clearing in Protoplanetary Disks Geoff Blake Boston Fusion
CHRISTOPHER, Micol Young, Massive star clusters in the antennae Nick Scoville Mt. San Antonio City college
ENOCH, Melissa Molecular clouds and star formation: A multiwavelength study of Perseus, Serpens, and Ophiuchus Anneila Sargent Postdoc, UC Berkeley
HAINLINE, Laura Multi-wavelength properties of submillimeter-selected galaxies Andrew Blain Postdoc, U of Maryland
MORAN, Sean Understanding the physical processes driving galaxy evolution in clusters: a case study of two z~0.5 galaxy clusters Richard Ellis Staff Scientist, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
O'DONOVAN, Francis The Detection and Exploration of Planets from the Trans-atlantic Exoplanet Survey Lynne Hillenbrand, David Charbonneau Boston Fusion

SLESNICK, Catherine 1-10 Myr-old Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs in Nearby Star Forming Regions Lynne Hillenbrand Draper Laboratory
Technical Staff
S. Bradley Cenko
(Phys) The Energetics and Environments of Swift Gamma-Ray Bursts
F. Harrison & S. Kulkarni
Goddard Space Flight Center, MD

SODERBERG, Alicia The Many Facets of Cosmic Explosions Shri Kulkarni Associate Professor
Harvard University
BECKER, George A High-Resolution study of the High-Redshift Intergalactic Medium Wal Sargent Astronomer, space Telescope Science Institute

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(Astronomy, Astronomy related Chemistry, GPS & Physics Alumni)

Award Date, Name, Thesis titles, Advisor(s), and present whereabouts

KOVACS, Attila (Phys) SHARC-2 350 micron observations of distant submillimeter-selected galaxies and techniques for the optimal analysis and observing of weak signals Tom Phillips
PAN, Margaret Whei-Jie Slices of theoretical astrophysics: planetary dynamics and relativistic explosions Re'em Sari Postdoc
IAS Princeton
REDDY, Naveen Ananta A Multi-Wavelength census of Star Formation at redshifts z~2 Chuck Steidel Assoc. Prof., UC Riverside
BUNDY, Kevin The Mass Assembly History of Field Galaxies Richard Ellis Associate Researcher, UC Observatories
KESDEN, Michael Henry (Phys) To the horizon and beyond: weak lensing of the CMB and binary inspirals into horizonless objects Mark Kamionkowski Postdoc, CITA
SAND, David On the distribution of dark matter in Galaxy Clusters Richard Ellis Assistant Professor, Texas Tech
METCHEV, Stanimir Angelov An adaptive optics survey for sub-stellar companions around young solar analogs Lynne Hillenbrand Assoc. Prof., U. Western Ontario
ERB, Dawn The properties of star-forming galaxies at z~2: kinematics, stellar populations and metallicities Chuck Steidel Assoc Prof., Dept. of Physics, U. Wisconsin Milwaukee
EISNER, Joshua A. High angular resolution studies of the structure and evolution of protoplanetary disks Lynne Hillenbrand & Anneila Sargent   Assoc. Prof,
U. Arizona
FARMER, Alison Jane Adventures in theoretical astrophysics Peter Goldreich Society Fellow,
JONES, William Claude (Phys) A measurement of the temperature and polarization anisotropies of the cosmic microwave background radiation Andrew Lange
SIGURDSON, Kris (Phys) Variations on the standard model of the universe Marc Kamionkowski Hubble Fellow, IAS Princeton
WEAVER, Susanna Leigh Widicus (Chem) Rotational spectroscopy and observational astronomy of prebiotic molecules Geoff Blake U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign
WEINBERG, Nevin Nachum I. Ash ejection and exposure during radius expansion type I X-ray bursts, II. Stellar dynamics at the galactic center, III. Weak gravitational lensing by dark matter concentrations Marc Kamionkowski TAC Fellow,
UC Berkeley
RATHORE, Yasser (Phys) Resonant excitation of white dwarf oscillations in compact binaries Roger Blandford
BRODERICK, Avery Earl (Phys) Radiative transfer in accreting environments Roger Blandford ITC Fellow, Harvard
BERGER, Edo Cosmic Explosions: The Beasts and Their Lair Shri Kulkarni Professor of Astronomy, Harvard
HUNT, Matthew P. Faint optically selected AGN at z=3 Chuck Steidel Northrop Grumman
Lior Ariel
The diversity of neutron stars: nearby thermally emitting neutron stars and the compact central objects in supernova remnants Shri Kulkarni Assoc Prof., Dept. of Physics, U. Wisconsin Milwaukee
SANTOS, Michael R. Galaxy Formation near the Epoch of Reionization M. Kamionkowski, & Richard Ellis Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation
JACOBY, Bryan Recycled Pulsars Shri Kulkarni The Aerospace Corp. Washington DC
MAZIN, Benjamin A. Microwave kinetic inductance detectors Chris Martin & Jonas Zmuidzinas Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Physics, UC Santa Barbara

Antonin Henri
(GPS) Seasonal trends in Titan's atmosphere: Haze, Wind & Clouds Mike Brown Adaptive Optics Lead,
COO, Caltech
John Kenneth
A Limit on the Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Tony Readhead Boston Consulting Group - Washington, DC
(Phys) Topics of LIGO Physics: Quantum noise in advanced interferometers and template banks for compact-binary inspirals Kip Thorne Asst. Professor, Caltech
Samantha Faye
(Phys) A galaxy cluster survey using the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Andrew Lange City College of San Francisco
HARTL, Michael (Phys) Dynamics of Spinning Compact Binaries in General Relativity Sterl Phinney Author and Entreprenuer
Jacqueline Elizabeth
(Chem) Gas and Dust Chemistry in Planet-Forming Disks Mitchio Okumura Spitzer Postdoc,
U. Texas, Austin
LANE, Benjamin F. (GPS) High Precision Infrared Stellar Interferometry Shri Kulkarni Group Leader, Henry Draper Lab, Cambridge
Richard William
(Phys) Topics in gravitational wave astronomy Kip Thorne Northwestern
Fernando Javier
The initial mass function and star-formation history in the 30 Doradus super-association Nick Scoville ESO. Staff Santiago, Chile
SHAPLEY, Alice Eve Detailed Astrophysical Properties of Lyman Break Galaxies Chuck Steidel Professor, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy.
Jonathan LeRoy
Data analysis of and results from observations of the cosmic microwave background with the Cosmic Background Imager Tony Readhead CITA
Robert Andrew
Observations of intergalactic heavy-element enrichment in the early universe Wal Sargent Assoc. Prof. of Physics, MIT
Patricia Simcoe
H0 from Cosmic Background Imager observations of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect in nearby clusters Tony Readhead Wilcox Fellow,
Concord Academy
WANG, Huiqun (Helen) (GPS) Global observations of Martian clouds with the Mars Orbiter Camera of the Mars Global Surveyor Spacecraft Bruce Murray Staff, GPS, Caltech
YOST, Sarah Anne (Phys) Gamma-ray burst afterglows: constraining physical parameters and fireball model assumptions Fiona Harrison Assoc. Prof, College of St. Benedict & St. John's University, MN

Kurt L.
Star formation and Structure formation between redshifts one and four Chuck Steidel Google, Mountain View, CA
BLOOM, Joshua S. Towards an Understanding of the Progenitors of gamma-Ray bursts
Shri Kulkarni Prof.
UC Berkeley
Adam Jonathan
(Phys) The discovery and Characterization of Methane-bearing Brown Dwarfs and the definition of the T spectral Class Mike Brown Assoc. Professor, UCSD
Adam M.
(Phys) Pulsar Searches: from radio to -rays
Tom Prince OIR, CfA, Harvard
Ulyana Anatolyevna
(Phys) Light scattering in the Clouds on Jupiter Andy Ingersoll GPS, Caltech
KERN, Brian Optical Pulse-Phased Observations of Faint Pulsars with a Phase-Binning CCD camera Chris Martin JPL
MAO, Peter Hsih-Jen (Phys) Hard X-ray observations of the extragalactic sky: the High Energy Focusing Telescope and the serendipitous extragalactic X-ray Source Identification Survey Fiona Harrison Earth & Space Science, UCLA
Byron Jacob
(Phys) Measurement of the Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background Andrew Lange St. Ignatius College Preparatory
RUNYAN, Marcus C. (Phys) A search for galaxy clusters using the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect Andrew Lange Fermi Fellow,
Kavli Institute,
U. Chicago
VALLISNERI, Michele (Phys) Modeling and detecting gravitational waves from compact stellar objects Kip Thorne & Lee Lindblom JPL
WARD, John Strawn (Phys) Observations of Carbon Monoxide in the Starburst Galaxy M82 with a 690 GHz Wide Spectral Receiver Jonas Zmuidzinas JPL
WONG, Ah-San (Phys) Photochemical Studies of Jupiter and Titan Yuk L. Yung Research Fellow,
U. Michigan

GAL, Roy R. The Northern Sky Optical Cluster Survey George Djorgovski Faculty. U. Hawaii
Jagmit Singh
High Precision Dual Frequency Timing of Millisecond Pulsars Shri Kulkarni & R.N. Manchester Staff, JPL
ZHANG, Hui (GPS) Photochemistry in N2O and HNO4: A Window into the Global Biogeochemistry of Nitrogen Paul Wennberg and Geoff Blake
QI, Chunhua
(GPS) Aperture Synthesis Studies of the Chemical Composition of Protoplanetary Disks and Comets Geoff Blake CfA, Harvard
BEHR, Bradford B. A New Spin on Horizontal-Branch Stars: Anomolous Abundances and Rapid Rotation Rates Jim McCarthy & Judy Cohen U. Texas, Austin

Andrew Jordan
Molecular Gas in nearby Active Galactic Nuclei Nick Scoville Asst. Prof.
Rutgers U.
CHIANG, Eugene Circumstellar and Circumplanetary Disks Peter Goldreich UC Berkeley
CRILL, Brendan (Phys) A measurement of the angular power spectrum of the Cosmic Microwave Background with a long duration balloon-borne receiver Andrew Lange IPAC, Caltech
KUCHNER Marc J. Exozodiacal Dust Mike Brown NASA Goddard
Thomas W. Jr.
Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies: Power Sources and Ages Along the Merger Sequence Tom Soifer UCSD

Christopher D.
Determining the distance scale with CLASS: Studies of two new gravitational lenses and a measurement of the Hubble Constant Tony Readhead UC Davis
GREGO, Laura Galaxy cluster Gas fractions from Interferometric measurements of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect John Carlstrom Staff Scientist, UCS
OPPENHEIMER, Benjamin R. Direct Detection of Brown Dwarf Companions of Nearby Stars Shri Kulkarni Curator & Prof., American Musuem of Natural History, NYC
Benford, Dominic J.
Broadband Submillimeter Instrumentation for the Detection of Distant Galaxies
Tom Phillips
Cosmic Origins Chief Scientist
BERNSTEIN, Rebecca A. The HST/LCO measurement of the mean flux of the extragalactic background light (3000-8000A) Wendy Freedman/Roger Blandford Project Scientist, Giant Magellan Telescope
GIZIS, John E. M subdwarfs and the population II luminosity function Neil Reid Assoc. Professor, U.Delaware
HOGG, David W. (Phys.) On the evolution of field galaxies Roger Blandford, Judy Cohen & Gerry Neugebauer Asst. Prof. New York U.
LEITCH, Erik M. A measurement of anisotropy in the microwave background on 7' to 22' scales Tony Readhead U. Chicago
Maxim Y.
Pulsar radio emission mechanisms Roger Blandford Asst. Prof. Purdue U.
OGLE, Patrick M. Polarization and structure of broad absorption line quasi-stellar objects Marshall Cohen Spitzer Science Center
Michael Andrew
Elliptical Galaxies: Structure, Stellar Content, and Evolution George Djorgovski CfA, Harvard
MAHAJAN, Sanjoy Order of Magnitude Physics: A Textbook with applications to the Retinal Rod and to the density of Prime Numbers Sterl Phinney Prof, Olin College of Engineering
WEINBERGER, Alicia (Phys) Speckle imaging of the nuclei of six Seyfert galaxies at 2.2 um and 1.6um Gerry Neugebauer Staff Member,
WU, Yanqin Excitation and Saturation of White Dwarf Pulsations Peter Goldreich U. Toronto

AKESON, Rachel L. Millimeter Interferometric Polarimetry of Magnetic Field Structure in Protostellar Condensations John Carlstrom NASA Exoplanet Science Institute
BRYANT, Peter M. High-Resolution Observations of the Molecular Gas in Luminous Infrared Galaxies Nick Scoville U. Hawaii, NASA, IR
HUNTER, Todd R. A submillimeter imaging survey of ultracompact HII regions Tom Phillips NRAO, Charlottesville
KNOP, Robert (Phys)Spatially resolved infrared spectroscopy of Seyfert galaxies B. Tom Soifer Prof. Quest University, Canada
KOH, Danny
Continuous long term observations of accreting pulsars Tom Prince
MILLS, Franklin
(GPS) I. Observations and photochemical modeling of the Venus middle atmosphere. II. Thermal infrared spectroscopy of Europa and Callisto. Y. L. Yung SMA, SAO

CHAKRABARTY, Deepto Hard X-Ray Detection & Timing of Accretion-Powered Pulsars with BATSE Tom Prince MIT
Bradley M. S.
The Ages, Speeds and Offspring of Pulsars Sterl Phinney   Prof. UCLA
LARKIN, James (Phys)Near infrared spectroscopy of
LINER galaxies
B. Tom Soifer Prof. UCLA
PUTNEY, Angela Magnetic White Dwarf Stars Marshall Cohen Dynamics Technology Inc.
SMALL, Todd A. The Norris Survey of Corona Borealis Supercluster Wal Sargent Finance company
VASISHT, Gautam The Many faces of young Neutron stars Shri Kulkarni Staff Member, JPL
YAN, Lin Binary Stars in Globular Clusters Judy Cohen Spitzer Science Center, IPAC, Caltech
Kennefick, Julia
The luminosity function of quasars at redshifts greater than four
George Djorgovski
Faculty, U. Arkansa
GROESBECK, Todd The contribution of Molecular Line Emission to Broadband Flux Measurements at Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths Tom Phillips Trex Enterprises Corp.
RAUCH, Kevin
Black Holes and Accretion Disks in Active Galactic Nuclei: Microlensing, Caustics, and Collisional Stellar Dynamics Roger Blandford Research Staff. U. Maryland
McMULDROCH, Stuart The Circumstellar Environment of FU Orionis Stars Anneila Sargent Center for Astrophysics
RAY, Paul High Sensitivity Searches for Radio Pulsars Tom Prince Staff Astronomer, Naval Research Lab
THOMPSON, David Surveys for Primeval Galaxies George Djorgovski Support Astronomer, LBT
WEIR, Nicholas Automated analysis of the Digitized Second Palomar Sky Survey: System design, Implementation and Initial Results George Djorgovski Finance Industry
XU, Wenge "Bryan" The first Caltech-Jodrell Bank VLBI Survey Tony Readhead JPL

_anna E.
(Phys) Topics in General Relativity: The Hoop conjecture, and theoretical aspects of Gravitational Wave detection. Kip Thorne Assoc. Prof. Cornell U.
Irwin Kenneth
Evolution of Emission line Galaxies Maarten Schmidt College of Western Idaho
PERI, Michal Leah Astroseismological Observations of Eta Cassiopeiae A with the Palomar East Arm Echelle Spectrograph Ken Libbrecht Peri Technologies
Jose Archimedes
A Wide-bandwidth Pulsar Timing Machine Shri Kulkarni Chief Scientist, Kongsberg Norcontrol IT, Norway
ROTH, Joshua Constraints upon the Cosmological Density Parameter from Tully-Fisher observations of IRAS Galaxies Jeremy Mould Arlington High School,
Arlington, MA

Submillimeter and infrared studies of mass lost by Asymptotic Giant Branch stars Tom Phillips SMA

Stuart Bruce
A Study of recycled Pulsars in Globular Clusters Tom Prince Staff member, LIGO  Caltech
QUILLEN, Alice C. The Kinematics of Molecular Gas & Dust in the Nearby Galaxies Centaurus A and M82 Sterl Phinney
& Tom Phillips
Prof. U. Rochester
Christopher G.
The faintest stars Jeremy Mould
& Neill Reid

CARICO, David (Phys)Properties of infrared luminous galaxies B. Tom Soifer Senior Physicist, Planetquest
GHEZ, Andrea (Phys) The multiplicity of T Tauri stars in the star forming regions Taurus-Auriga and Ophiucus-Scorpius: A 2.2 micrometer speckle imaging survey Gerry Neugebauer Prof. UCLA
Helen M.
Compact Objects in the Disk and Globular Clusters Shri Kulkarni Staff. Univ. of Syndney, Australia
Deborah Lynne
Photospheric Abundance Analysis of Low Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars Ann Boesgaard NASA Goddard
Maurice H.P.M.
(ACM) MHD in Divergence form: A Computational Method for Astrophysical Flow
Sterl Phinney   Assoc. Prof, Korea Institute for Advanced Study
ZUO, Lin QSO absorption lines and the ionizing field at high redshifts Sterl Phinney & Wal Sargent Real Estate

HAN, Mingsheng The I-Band Tully-Fisher relation and large-scale motions in the Universe Jeremy Mould Avanti Corp, Fremont CA
PICARD, Alain The Large Scale Structure of the Universe Jeremy Mould
RAND, Richard The Relationship between the Density Wave, Molecular Gas and Star Formation in M51 Shri Kulkarni Prof. U. New Mexico
SIGURDSSON, Steinn Dynamics of Neutron Stars and Binaries in Globular Clusters Sterl Phinney Prof. Penn State U.
Karl Roald
A multiwavelength observational investigation of Herbig-Haro objects and their exciting stars Nick Scoville NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Arie William
Microwave imaging of Saturn's deep atmosphere and Rings Dewey Muhleman UC Berkeley
MILLER, M. Coleman Radiation Transfer in very strong Magnetic Fields Sterl Phinney Prof. U. Maryland
MYERS, Steven T. A search for Anisotropy in the cosmic microwave background on angular scales of 1 to 30 arcminutes Tony Readhead Staff Scientist, NRAO
Christine Diana
Star formation and the Interstellar Medium in M33 Nick Scoville Prof. McMaster U.
Budge, Kent G
A non-LTE analysis of a sample of O stars selected from galactic OB associations
Ken Libbrecht
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
Mary Anne
Outflows in High Mass Star-Forming Regions Nick Scoville San Francisco State U.
NAKAJIMA, Tadashi Diffraction-Limited Imaging on the 200-inch Telescope G. Neugebauer Staff Astronomer, NAOJ, Japan
STEIDEL, Charles C. Spectroscopic observations of high redshift QSOs: galaxies and the intergalactic medium at early epochs Wal Sargent Lee A. DuBridge Prof. Astronomy, Caltech
(Phys) Multiple moments in General Relativity and dynamical perturbations of Black-Hole Magnetospheres Kip Thorne

James K.
Echelle Spectroscopy of the Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae Jeremy Mould Northrop Grumman & Adjunct Prof. Loyola Marymount U.
KUMAR, Pawan Excitation and damping of solar P-modes Peter Goldreich Prof. U. Texas, Austin
Michael S.
(Phys) The R + _
 R2 Cosmology
Kip Thorne
PORTER, Alain C. Isophotometry of Brightest Elliptical Galaxies in Rich Clusters J. B. Oke NOAO staff astronomer,
deceased, 1993
(Phys) Singularities and Horizons in the collisions of Gravitational Waves Kip Thorne
WANG, Haimin Magnetic fields and supergranulae velocity fields on the quiet Sun Harold Zirin New Jersey Institute of Technology

CHEUNG, Kwok-Wai An Acousto-Optical Correlation Spectrometer for Radio Astronomy A. T. Moffet Chinese U. of Hong Kong, Dept. Information Engineering
CHOU, Dean-Yi Development and Evolution of Magnetic Fields in active regions on the Sun Harold Zirin National Tsing Hua U. Taiwan
EDELSON, Richard Broadband properties of Active Galactic Nuclei Maarten Schmidt
& Alan Moffet
U. Iowa
Lee Samuel
(Phys) Relativistic stellar pulsations Kip Thorne Director, Center for Gravitational Wave Physics, Penn State U.
Kevin Robert
Observations and gas dynamics of extragalactic radio jets Marshall Cohen & Roger Blandford

HOUGH, David Hans Parsec-scale structure in the nuclei of double-lobed radio quasars Tony Readhead Trinity U. TX
RICH, R. Michael Abundances & Kinematics of K giants in the Galactic Nuclear Bulge Jeremy Mould Research Astronomer, UCLA

John Anthony
Investigations of Radio Jets in M87, 3C273 and 3C345 Marshall Cohen STScI
Geoffrey A.
(Chem) On the chemical composition of interstellar molecular clouds: a millimeter and submillimeter spectral line survey of OMV-1 Tom Phillips Prof. GPS, Caltech
James Arthur
A study on the formation and dynamics of Galaxies Peter Goldreich
HERNQUIST, Lars (ACM)Thermal and Magnetic properties of Neutron Stars Roger Blandford Prof. & Chair, CfA, Harvard
SAHAI, Raghvendra Circumstellar Shells of Late-Type Stars - A Study at Millimeter and Infrared Wavelengths Al Wootten JPL
Bonny L.
(Phys) Theoretical investigations in nonlinear quantum optics, theory of measurement and pulsations of general relativistic models of neutron stars. Kip Thorne JPL
(Phys) Dynamical Electromagnetic fields near Black Holes and multiple moments of stationary, general relativistic systems Kip Thorne Prof. Washington U. Saint Louis

Alexei Vladimir
Physical conditions in Low-luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei Wal Sargent Prof. UC Berkeley
Stephen Morris
Turbulence and mass motion in Galactic molecular clouds Peter Wannier JPL
A Survey of halo RR Lyrae Stars> Bev Oke NOAO, Tucson

Graham B.
Visible and Infrared Studies of Cataclysmic Variable Stars Eric Persson IPAC, Caltech
Keith Douglas
Eclipse mapping of accretion disks in cataclysmic binaries J. Bev Oke Prof. U. St. Andrews, Scotland
JEWITT, David C. (GPS) I. Physical studies of distant comets. II. Morphologies of planetary nebulae. James Westphal Prof. IfA, U. Hawai`i
Douglas Alan
(Phys) Black-Hole Electrodynamics Kip Thorne
MALKAN, Matthew A.
Wal Sargent Prof. UCLA
Jeffrey Ross
A Study of the A - and B - Type Stars in the Southern Galactic Halo George Preston Staff, US Naval Obs. Flagstaff, AZ
Carolyn C.
(GPS) Voyager observations of Saturn's Rings. I. The eccentric rings at 1.29, 1.45, 1.95 and 2.27 Rs. II. The periodic variation of spokes. Peter Goldreich Southwest Research Institute (JPL/Cassini)
Ian H.
(Phys) Topics in Black-Hole Physics: Geometric constraints on non-collapsing, gravitating systems and tidal distortions of a Schwarzschild Black Hole Kip Thorne Assoc. Prof., Saint Luis U.
SELLGREN, Kristen Near Infrared Studies of Reflection Nebulae B.T. Soifer & G. Neugebauer Prof. Ohio State U.
SIMON, Richard Nuclear Structure of Quasars at 329 MHz Tony Readhead NRAO
ENNIS, David (Phys)One millimeter continuum observations of Quasars G. Neugebauer
& M. Werner
Ohio Supercomputer Center
Richard Alan
(Phys) Stationary spherical optically thick accretion into Black Holes Kip Thorne deceased
(Phys) Stability of spherically symmetric, charged Black Holes and multiple moments for stationary systems Kip Thorne JPL
NADEAU, Daniel (Phys) Gerry Neugebauer Prof. U. Montreal
Russell Ormond
The Orientation and Sizes of Molecular Clouds in the Galaxy Peter Wannier DAO
Donald P.
CCD Observations of Clusters of Galaxies Jim Gunn Prof. Penn State U.
Roger Paul
Studies of compact extragalactic radio sources Marshall Cohen & Roger Blandford All Aerospace Tech. Corp.
Douglas Mark
Studies of Stellar Populations: Star Clusters in M31, the Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds Leonard Searle & Judy Cohen NASA/GSFC
William L.
Use of an Automated Photographic Object Detection System to Analyse the Effect of Magnitude on the Angular Correlation Function of Galaxies Jim Gunn CSS, U. Maryland
Richard Alan
Spectroscopy and Spectrophotometry of Cataclysmic variable stars J. B. Oke Assoc. Prof. Penn State U.
Howard Kwong Chew
Optical Spectral properties of active galactic nuclei and quasars J. B. Oke Prof. U. Toronto

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Stephen Matthew
Interaction between galaxies and a hot medium in rich clusters Wal Sargent Prof. Fermilab, U. Chicago, Head: Experimental Astrophysics Group

Carlton Morris
(Phys) Theoretical investigations of experimental gravitation Kip Thorne U. New Mexico
C_RDOVA, France A. (Phys) X-ray observations of dwarf novae Gordon Garmire President, Purdue U.
Barry James
Studies of chromospheric activity observed in H_
 and D3
Hal Zirin Prof. U. Hawaii, deceased 2005
Phillip David
(GPS) 1. Tidal synchronization of the rotation of early main sequence stars in close binaries 2. The rings of Uranus: results of the 1978 April 10 occulation, 3. On the resonance theory of the rings of Uranus. Peter Goldreich Prof. Cornell U.
ROMNEY, Jonathan
Daniel MacLeish
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Peter John
Supermassive Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei Wal Sargent Asst. Prof. Caltech, deceased 1981
Mark Edward
(Phys) Studies on Gravitational Waves and Stars with Neutron Cores Kip Thorne

Van Walter
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GATLEY, Ian (Phys) Gerry Neugebauer Dean College of Science,
Rochester Inst. Tech.
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SCHLOERB, Frederic Peter Radio Interferometric Investigations of Saturn's Rings at 3.71- and 1.30-cm Wavelengths Duane Muhleman U. Mass. Amherst

ALCOCK, Charles I. Small angle scattering of radiation. II. Molecular emission lines around evolved stars Peter Goldreich Director, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA
Richard Frederick
A complete sample of White Dwarfs, hot Subdwarfs, and Quasars Maarten Schmidt Director, LBT
HUCHRA, John Peter The nature of Markarian Galaxies and studies of star formation in blue galaxies Wal Sargent Robert O. & Holly Thomis Doyle Prof. CfA, Harvard
Sandor Janos Jr.
(Phys) The generation of Gravitational Waves Kip Thorne Medical School
James Marshall
The magnetic history of solar active regions Robert Leighton

William G. Jr.
The Stellar Composition and Evolution of Irregular & Other Late-Type Galaxies Wal Sargent Assoc. Prof. CHARA, Georgia State U.
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KORMENDY, John Brightness distributions in compact and normal galaxies Wal Sargent Prof. U. Texas, Austin
MALIN, Michael C. (GPS) Comparison of Volcanic Features of Elysium (Mars) and Tibesti (Earth). Age of Martian channels. Nature and origin of intercrater plains on Mars Bruce C. Murray Malin Space Science Systems, San Diego
MELNICK, Jorge The structure of giant extragalactic HII regions Guido M_nch ESO Staff, Santiago, Chile
Don Nelson
(Phys) Accretion into and Emission from Black Holes Kip Thorne Prof. U. Utah
PIGG, Jay Cee Jr A Limit of the inhomogeneity of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation at an Angular Scale of 1.25 ARCMIN Alan T. Moffet
Theodore Dean
Semiconvection in Halo stars and the Primordial Helium abundance William A. Fowler Lockheed Martin,
Solar & Astrophysics Lab
Edwin Lewis
Binary galaxies and groups of galaxies Wal Sargent Prof. Princeton, Dir. Apache Point Observatory
Barry Edmund
The stellar content of the nuclear regions of Sc galaxies J. B. Oke NASA/CSC
Theodore Burton
Stellar populations and velocity dispersions of Ten nearby galaxies J. L. Greenstein Prof. Rutgers U.
Steven Paul
Compact infrared sources: NGC 7538 and the Galactic Center E. E. Becklin &
G. Neugebauer
CfA, Harvard

Glenn Scott
1. Spatially Resolved Absolute Spectral Reflectivity of Jupiter: 3390 - 8400 _
2. The Jovian Thermal Structure from Pioneer 10 Infrared Radiometer Data
3. Observations and Analysis of 8 - 14 Micron Thermal Structure and Cloud Properties
Andrew P. Ingersol JPL
Mark Jonathan
The Structure of Hydroxyl Masers and Circumstellar Envelopes of Long Period Variable Stars Duane Muhleman SAO, CfA, Harvard
SCHECHTER, Paul The Luminosity Function for Galaxies and the Clustering of Galaxies J. E. Gunn William A. M. Burden Prof. MIT

John Harold
Aperture Synthesis Observations of OH Absorption in the Galactic Center Alan Moffet Prof. U. Arizona
Robert P.
Spectrophotometry of Supernovae and their Remnants J. B. Oke Clowes Prof. CfA, Harvard
KWONG, Wah Chu HI Observations of Dust Clouds D. H. Rogstad
David Li
(Phys) Frameworks for analyzing and testing theories of Gravity Kip Thorne
LIGHTMAN, Alan Paige (Phys) I. Time-dependent accretion disks around compact objects. II. Theoretical frameworks for analyzing and testing gravitational theories. Kip Thorne Prof. Physics & Hum. MIT, Dept. Humanities
OEMLER, Augustus Jr The Systematic Properties of Clusters of Galaxies James Gunn OCIW
SHAFFER, David Bruce The Structure of Compact Radio Sources at 10.7 GHz Marshall Cohen President, Radiometrics Inc.
SHECTMAN, Stephen Alan Clusters of Galaxies and the Cosmic Light James Gunn Staff. OCIW
Glenn J. Jr.
Properties and Luminosities of M type dwarfs from Infrared Photometry J. L. Greenstein JPL

James William
A Satellite measurement of Cosmic-Ray Abundances and Spectra in the Charge Range 2 d" Z d" 10 Edward C. Stone
Eric Winslow
Aperture synthesis of interstellar neutral hydrogen in absorption Marshall Cohen NRAO
(Phys) Gerry Neugebauer Prof. U. Texas
George H. Jr
The structure of Compact Radio Sources at 606 MHz Marshall Cohen JPL
Gregory Alan
Ionization Structure and Emission Line Intensities of Seyfert Galaxy Nuclei J. B. Oke Blumberg Professor, U. Texas Austin
Saul Arno
(Phys) Perturbations of a rotating Black-Hole Kip Thorne Hans Bethe Prof. Phys. & Astron., Cornell U.
William Edwin
Polarization observations of 3C radio sources and Galactic Faraday rotation G. A. Seielstad

Saul Joseph
A Study of Twenty-one Sharp-Lined Non-Variable Cool Peculiar A Stars George Preston Prof. The Citadel, SC
Clark G.
The Synthesis of Composite Spectra: A Study of 4 Globular Clusters of the Galaxy, 5 Globular Clusters of M31, and the nucleus of NGC 205 Wal Sargent & J. B. Oke Assoc. Prof. BYU
John Joseph
(Phys) Conserved Quantities and the Formation of Black Holes in the Brans-Dicke Theory of Gravitation Kip Thorne
(Phys) Metric theories of Gravity and their astrophysical implications Kip Thorne Prof. National Tsing Hua University, retd.
PERSSON, Eric S. Interpretation of the neutral Helium triplet spectrum in Planetary Nebulae Guido M_nch Staff Astronomer, OCIW
William Henry
(Phys) Applications of Black-Hole perturbation techniques Kip Thorne Texas
SHOSTAK, Gerson Seth Aperture Synthesis Observations of Neutral Hydrogen in Three Galaxies G. J. Stanley Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute
SMITHSON, Robert Carroll A Videomagnetograph of Diffusion of Solar Magnetic Fields in Weak Plage regions Phillip H. Roberts Applied Analytics

COHEN, Judith G. The Lithium Isotope ratio in F and G field stars Guido M_nch Kate Van Nuys Page Prof. Astronomy, Caltech
ELACHI, Charles (Aero) Electromagnetic wave propagation and source radiation in space-time periodic media Charles Papas Director, JPL
FROGEL, Jay Albert Infrared spectra of Late-type Stars Guido M_nch AURA Vice President for Science
OINAS, Valdar Analysis of Normal and Strong-Lined K-Type Dwarf and Giant Stars Jesse Greenstein NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Richard H.
(Phys) Nonspherical Perturbations of Relativistic Gravitational Collapse Kip Thorne
Bernard Frederick
(Phys) Relativistic velocity-potential hydrodynamics & stellar stability Kip Thorne Director, Max Planck Institut f_r Gravitationsphysik
Henry Longfellow
White Dwarfs</b J. B. Oke Prof. U. Delaware
WEISTROP, Donna E. Characteristics of Disk and Halo populations derived from photographic photometry Maarten Schmidt Prof. UNLV
Clifford Martin
(Phys) Theoretical frameworks for testing Relativistic Gravity: The Parametrized Post-Newtonian Formalism Kip Thorne Prof. U. Washington
Ka Bing Winson
Synthesis of the polarization properties of Cygnus A at 8300 and 9600 MHz G. A. Seielstad

Richard John
Thermal instability and the convective stability of stellar chromospheres Peter Goldreich
Douglas Allan
Static and dynamical models of long-period variable stars R. F. Christy Software Co, in Bay Area
Georges J.
I. Diffusion processes in A-pec stars, II. Nucleosynthesis in Si burning. W. Fowler &
Wal Sargent
U. de Montr_al
Robert West
The Stellar Content of M82 Wal Sargent
& J. B. Oke
J. D. Hamilton Professor, U. Virginia
Patrick Stewart
The Atmosphere of the F Supergiants Wal Sargent Astronomy Chair, and Graduate Dean, Ohio State U.
Arsine Victoria
A Spectroscopic Investigation of Four O-Type Subdwarfs G. M_nch &
J. L. Greenstein
ANU, Computer Science
Phillip Howard Jr
Velocity Fields in Magnetically Disturbed Regions of the H_
R. B. Leighton
SRAMEK, Richard The brightness distribution of core-halo radio sources Alan Moffet ALMA
WEBBER, John C. The molecular spectrum of Sunspots Harold Zirin NRAO

ANDERSON, Kurt S. A Spectrophotometric Study of Seyfect Nuclei J.B. Oke Prof. New Mexico State U.
BURKE, William Lionel (Phys) The coupling of gravitational radiation to nonrelativistic sources Kip Thorne Prof. UC Santa Cruz
Evan Eugene Jr.
The luminosities and the spatial distribution of stars detected on a two micron sky survey Gerry Neugebauer
IPSER, James Reid (Phys) The stability of relativistic, spherically symmetric star clusters Kip Thorne Prof. U. Florida
WEILER, Kurt Walter Synthesis of the Polarization properties of 3C10 and 3C58 at 1420 and 2880 MHz G. A. Seielstad NRL

ANDERSON, Christopher Marlowe The Interstellar Extinction of Stars in H II Regions Guido M_nch
& J. B. Oke
Prof. U. Wisconsin
BECKLIN, Eric E. Infrared Observations of the Galactic Center Gerry Neugebauer Prof. UCLA;
SOFIA Director
Kenneth Charles
(Phys) Bianchi Type I Cosmological Models Kip Thorne
KEIFFER, Hugh H. Near infrared spectral reflectance of simulated Martian frosts Bruce Murray USGS, Flagstaff
William Morris
(Phys) Type D Gravitational Fields Kip Thorne & Jon Matthews
Richard Bondo
Dynamics of a collapsing protostar Guido M_nch Prof. Yale
Bruce Alrick
A Study of Absorption and Reddening Using Absolute Magnitudes and Colors of Galaxies Maarten Schmidt Prof. ANU, Mt. Stromlo(ret.)
George H. Jr.
The structure of compact radio sources at 606 MHz Marshall Cohen JPL
SCARGLE, Jeffrey D. Activity in the Crab Nebula Guido M_nch NASA Ames
TRIMBLE, Virginia Louise Motions and structure of the filamentary envelope of the Crab Nebula Guido M_nch Prof. UC Irvine

Edward B.
The East-West structure of Radio Sources at 1425 MHz Alan Moffet NRAO
David Herbert
(Phys) Rotation and Masses of Galaxies as Determined by Single Spacing Interferometry of 21 cm Hydrogen Emission J. B. Whiteoak JPL retd.

CASTOR, John Atmospheric Dynamics in a model RR Lyrae Star Robert Christy LLNL
CHANDRA, Subhash A Study of Spectroscopic & Kinematic Characteristics of Peculiar A-type stars Deutsch
GUNN, James E. A mathematical framework for discussing the statistical distribution of Galaxies in Space, and its cosmological implications Guido M_nch &
J. L. Greenstein
Higgins Prof. Princeton
Alan Morton
A study of velocity fields in the H_
 chromosphere by means of time-lapse Doppler movies
R. B. Leighton Lockheed Martin,
Solar & Astrophysics Lab
Richard Alan
1. Rates of nuclear reactions in White Dwarf stars, 2. The cooling of Neutron stars John Bahcall Prof. Emeritus,
Rice U.

James Maxwell
(Phys) Stability and dynamics of spherically symetric masses in general relativity W. A. Fowler &
R. P. Feynman
Professor, U. Washington
Glenn Leroy
An interferometric study of Jupiter's decimeter radio emission G. J. Stanley Caltech, GPS. retd.
Theodore Neil
Structure and Evolution of model Helium stars J. B. Oke Staff, JPL. deceased
Susan Elizabeth
Photometry of the nearby Irregular Galaxy, NHC 6822
NSF, Gemini Board (retd)
Neil Rolfson
(Phys) Measurements of Solar Magnetic Fields R. B. Leighton NRL
Laurence Munro
A Study of the Energy Balance in the Atmospheres of the Major Planets Guido M_nch McDonald Observatory, U. Texas

ARPIGNY, Claude A study of molecular and physical processes in comets Jesse Greenstein U. de Li_ge,
Institut d'Astrophysique
Barry Gillespie
The 21-cm Hydrogen Line in Absorption John Bolton
G. J. Stanley
MENDEZ, Manuel E. The Spectrophotometry of the Orion Nebula Guideo M_nch Mexican Govt.
MIHALAS, Dimitri Model Atmosphere Studies of Early Type Stars J. Beverly Oke Staff, Los Alomos
Robert Henry
HeH+ in Model Stellar Atmospheres Guido M_nch

Kenneth Irwin
(Phys) The spectra of Galactic and Extragalactic radio sources John Bolton
G. J. Stanley
Robert Wilson
Observations of Oscillatory Motions in the Solar Atmosphere Robert Leighton Prof. Emeritus, Harvard, CfA
Robert Allan Ridley
The Physical Conditions Pertaining to some Possible Supernova Remnants Guido M_nch Astronaut, Director Nasa Management Office, JPL (Retd.)
George Andrew
Measurements of the Linear Polarization of Radio Sources at Decimeter Wavelengths G. J. Stanley Associate Dean of Research, Odegard School, U. North Dakota
George Warren
Correlations Between Large-Scale Solar Phospheric and Chromospheric Motions, Ca II (K) Emission, and Magnetic Fields R. B. Leighton NASA astronaut (retd).
Richard Bradley
Accurate Measurement of the Declinations of Radio Sources John Bolton deceased
Robert LeRoy
The stellar content of the Perseus Galactic Arm in the region of h + chi Persei H. C. Arp &
A. R. Sandage
USGS & Prof. Northern Arizona U., deceased 1998
Robert Woodrow
(Phys) Observations of the Galactic Plane at 960 mc/sec J. G. Bolton &
Maarten Schmidt
SMA/SAO, CfA Harvard

HARRIS, Daniel E. The continuous spectra of radio sources with particular reference to non-thermal Galactic sources J. G. Bolton & G. J. Stanley Deceased December 2015
Alan Theodore
Interferometric measurements of brightness distributions in discrete radio sources John Bolton
Kenneth Geddes
(Phys) An Investigation of the Low Equation and the Chew-Mandelstam equations Murray Gell-Mann Hazel C. Youngberg Prof. Ohio State U.

NEUGEBAUER, Gerald (Phys) R. Walker Robert Andrews Millikan Prof. Caltech & Director of Observatories (retd)

Walter Karl
The Abundance of Lithium in the Atmospheres of Cool Stars Jesse Greenstein U. Hawaii (Retd)
William Geary
Line blanketing effects on middle-type main-sequence and sub-dwarf stars Arthur Code JPL

William Grant
Multicolor photoelectric photometry of bright extragalactic systems Arthur D. Code Emeritus Prof. U. Arizona
WALLERSTEIN, George Spectra of population II Cepheid variable stars J. Greenstein Prof. Emeritus, U. Washington

George Ogden
The distribution of Rich Clusters of Galaxies Donald Osterbrock Prof. UCLA,
deceased, 1983
COOK, Charles William (Phys) Alpha-particles from Boron 12: the astrophysical significance Thomas Lauritsen

Mathis, John Samuel The abundance of helium relative to hydrogen in the Orion Nebula Donald Osterbrock Prof. Emeritus,
U. Wisconsin

STEWART, John Charles A Quantitative Analysis of the Atmospheres of Three Peculiar Low_Luminosity B stars Guido M_nch

PARKER, James Mervin Profiles and Wavelength of Spectrum Lines in the Solar Chromosphere Seth B. Nicholson

ARP, Halton C. Variable Stars With Periods Greater Than One Day in Globular Clusters Walter Baade Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics
SAINT-AMAND, Pierre (GPS) A possible relation between the night Airglow and the Ionosphere

SANDAGE, Alan A Study of the Globular Cluster M3 Walter Baade Astronomer Emeritus, OCIW

ABT, Helmut Arthur An Analysis of the Variable Star, W Virginis Jesse Greenstein Staff Astronomer. Emeritus, NOAO
Richard Davidson
The R-F thermal radiation from the Sun P. S. Epstein

PARKER, Eugene Newman (Phys) The interstellar dust and gas structures H. P. Robertson S. Chandrasekhar Distinguished Srvc. Prof. Emeritus, U. Chicago

BAUM, William Alvin Attenuation of Ultraviolet Light by the Lower Atmosphere W. R. Smythe Prof.Emeritus, U. Washington
Deceased, 2012
GLASER, Donald Arthur (Phys) The momentum distribution of charged Cosmic Ray particles near Sea level C. D. Anderson Deceased
HILL, Armin John Relative f-values of selected lines in the absorption spectrum of Chromium I R. B. King Dean College of Engineering & Technology, Brigham Young U. (retd),
deceased, 1988
O'REILLY, James Donald A Study of the Physical and Chemical Composition of Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Models of the Sun R. F. Christy

Eugene Woodville
(Phys) Cloud-chamber observations of Cosmic Rays at High Altitude Carl D. Anderson
James C.
(Phys) Cloud-chamber observations of Cosmic Rays Carl D. Anderson

Robert B.
The vibrational spectrum of a mon-atomic, face-centered cubic crystal lattice William V. Houston Valentine Prof. Physics, Emeritus,
deceased, 1997
Albert George
(Math) Axially symmetric thermal stresses in a semi-infinite solid
POSS Astronomer, Dir. Lowell Obs. Retd.

Factors influencing the accuracy of Rockets Ira S. Bowen Emeritus Prof. UA, deceased, 2004

(Phys) Beta ray spectra Charles Lauritsen Exploratorium founder,
deceased 1985
Charles H.
(Phys) Concentration of the heavy isotope of Carbon and measurement of its nuclear spin W. R. Smythe Deceased

William Alfred
(Phys) Radioactive elements of a low Atomic number Charles Lauritsen Emeritus Caltech Institute Prof. Physics,
deceased, 1995
Sir William H.
(Phys) A Geiger counter study of the Cosmic Radiations
JPL Director 1954-76, deceased, 2004

Carl David
(Phys) Space-distribution of X-ray photons ejected from the K and L atomic energy-levels R. A. Millikan Emeritus Prof. Physics,
deceased, 1991

Charles Christian
(Phys) Electron emission from metals in intense electron fields R. A. Millikan deceased
M. Morris
(Phys) The continuous spectra of Hydrogen-like Atoms Paul S. Epstein deceased

Rudolph M.
(Phys) The Hydrogen Atom R. A. Millikan

Ira Sprague
(Phys) The ratio of Heat Losses by Conduction and Evaporation from any Water Surface
MWPO Director 1948-64,
deceased, 1973

LORENZ, Edward J. (Phys) The so-called positive photo-electric emission (inverse effect) and the reality of the sub-electron

OTIS, Russell Morley (Phys) The source of the penetrating radiation found in the earth's atmosphere R. A. Millikan

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