Astrophysics-Related Caltech Prize Postdoctoral Fellows

(Observational, Experimental, Theoretical )

Observational Astronomy

NameFellowship and YearResearch InterestsPhD institution and Current Position

Tonry, John Bantrell  1982-85 Extragalactic distance scale, large scale structure, the local Hubble flow, gravitational lensing, image processing.*PhD 1980, Harvard University
Professor of Astronomy, IfA/University of Hawaii

Tytler, David Bantrell 1982-85 Quasars, observational cosmology, astronomical instrumentation. * PhD 1982, University of London
* Professor of Physics, UC San Diego

Bothun, Greg Bantrell 1983-86 Galaxy formation and evolution, dwarf galaxies, large scale structure, galaxy clusters, observational cosmology. * PhD 1981, University of Washington
* Professor of Physics, University of Oregon

Beers, Tim Bantrell 1983-86 Stellar astrophysics, subdwarfs, metal poor stars, galactic halo. * PhD 1983, Harvard University
* Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State

Impey, Chris Weingart 1983-86 Cosmology, quasars, AGN, extragalactic and galactic astronomy, astrobiology; popular science. * PhD 1981, University of Edinburgh
* (University Distinguished) Professor of Astronomy, University of Arizona
* Deputy Head of Department

Hamilton, Donald Norris 1988-90 Spectroscopy, astronomical instrumentation. * PhD 198?, University of Chicago
* Munich

Strauss, Michael Norris 1989-91 Extragalactic astronomy, cosmology, large surveys. * PhD 1989, UC Berkeley
* Professor of Astrophysics, Princeton University
* Pierce Prize winner

Clemens, Christopher Fairchild 1996-98 Stellar seismology, interacting binaries, time series photometry and spectroscopy, astronomical instrumentation. * PhD 1994, University of Texas
* Professor of Astrophysics, UNC

Blakeslee, John Fairchild 1996-99 Stellar populations, globular clusters, structure and evolution of galaxy clusters, extragalactic distance scale. * PhD 1997, MIT
* Astronomer, Herzburg Institute of Astrophysics

Cote, Patrick Fairchild 1997-00 Stellar populations, stellar and galactic dynamics, dark matter, galaxy formation. * PhD 1994, McMaster
* Astronomer (Senior Research Officer), HIA and Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria

Hillenbrand, Lynne Fairchild 1997-00 Star formation, planet formation. * PhD 1995, University of Massachusetts
* Associate Professor of Astronomy, Caltech

Galama, Titus Fairchild 1999-02 Gamma ray bursts. * PhD 1999, University of Amsterdam
* Senior Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation

Martin, Crystal Fairchild 1999-02 Large-scale star formation, galactic winds, chemical enrichment of the ISM and IGM, feedback, environmental effects in galaxy groups and clusters. * PhD 1996, University of Arizona
*Professor of Physics, UCSB

Diercks, Alan Millikan 1999-00 High redshift supernovae, astronomical imaging technology. * PhD 1999, UC Santa Barbara
* Senior Research Scientist, Institute for Systems Biology

Bradford, Charles (Matt) Millikan 2001-04 ISM from the Galaxy to high redshift objects; astronomical instrumentation at far-infrared, sub-mm, and mm wavelengths. * PhD 2000, Cornell University
* Research Scientist, JPL

Charbonneau, David Millikan 2001-04 Detection and characterization of extra-solar planets. * PhD 2001, Harvard University
* (Thomas D. Cabot) Professor of Astronomy, Harvard
* Robert J. Trumpler winner (best PhD in astronomy), Sloan & Packard Fellowships, Waterman Award)

Moon, Dae-Sik Millikan 2003-06 Astronomical instrumentation; compact objects. * PhD 2003, Cornell
* Assistant Professor of Astronomy, U. Toronto

Simon, Joshua Millikan 2005-08 Dwarf galaxies, dark matter, galaxy evolution. * PhD 2005, UC Berkeley
* Staff member, Carnegie Observatories

Lu, Jessica Millikan 2008-11 Adaptive Optics, Galactic center, young massive star clusters * PhD 2008, UCLA
*  NSF Fellow, U. Hawaii

Gauthier, Jean-ReneMillikan 2011-14 Intergalactic medium, galactic halos* PhD 2011, U Chicago
* Incoming Fellow

Experimental Physics

(only those with an astrophysics focus)
NameFellowship and YearResearch InterestsPhD institution and Current Position
Prince, Tom Millikan 1980-82 Computational astrophysics, LIGO and LISA. * PhD 1978, U Chicago
* Professor of Physics, Caltech
Kulkarni, Shrinivas Millikan 1985-87 Radio Astronomy, compact objects, extra-solar planets * PhD, UC Berkeley 1983
* (McArthur) Professor of Astronomy & Planetary Science, Caltech
Watson, Dan Millikan 1985-88 Infrared instrumentation and related astrophysics. * PhD 1983, UC Berkeley
* Professor of Physics & Astronomy, U. Rochester
Walker, Christopher K. Millikan 1988-91 Star formation and THz instrumentation * PhD 1988, U Arizona
* Professor of Astronomy, U. Arizona
Carlstrom, John Millikan 1989-91 Experimental radio astronomy, cosmology * PhD 1988, U Chicago
* (S. Chandrashekar Distinguished Service) Professor, U. Chicago
* McArthur Prize winn
Thorsett, Steven Millikan 1991-94 Experimental Astrophysics, Pulsars * PhD 1991, Princeton
* Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, UC Santa Cruz
* Dean, Physical and Biological Sciences, UC Santa Cruz
Harrison, Fiona Millikan 1993-95 X-ray Astronomy & Instrumentation * PhD 1993, UC Berkeley
* Professor of Physics, Caltech
Netterfield, C. Barth Millikan, 1996-98 CMB, ISM, balloon-borne astrophysics * PhD 1995, Princeton
* Professor of Physics and Astronomy, U. Toronto
Eikenberry, Stephen Fairchild, 1997-01 infrared instrumentation * PhD 1997, Harvard
* (Research Foundation) Professor of Astronomy, University of Florida
Boggs, Steven Millikan 1998-2000 Experimental High Energy Astrophysics * PhD 1998, UC Berkeley
* Associate Professor of Physics, UC Berkeley
Golwala, Sunil Millikan 2000-03 Experimental searches for dark matter and cosmological constraints of dark energy * PhD 2000, UC Berkeley
* Assistant Professor of Physics, Caltech
* APS Dissertation winner (Mitsuyoshi Tanaka Prize in Experimental Physics)
Lloyd, James Millikan 2002-04 High resolution and high dynamic range imaging of astronomical objects * PhD 2002, UC Berkeley
* Associate Professor of Astronomy, Cornell University

Theoretical Astrophysics

NameFellowship and YearResearch InterestsPhD institution and Current Position
Tremaine, Scott Tolman, 1975-77 Astrophysical dynamics * PhD 1975, Princeton
* (Richard Black) Professor of Astrophysics, Insitute for Advanced Study
* Warner, Heineman winn
Zurek, Wojciech Tolman, 1979-81cosmology, quantum theory * PhD 1979, U. Texas
* Laboratory Fellow, LANL
Applegate, Jim Bantrell, 1981-84stellar astrophysics, stellar dynamics, cosmology * PhD 1980, SUNY Stony Brook
* Associate Professor of Astronomy, Columbia
Hogan, Craig Bantrell, 1982-85 cosmology, dark energy, string theory, quantum gravity * PhD 1980, Cambridge
* Head of Astrophysics, Fermilab
* Sloan winner
Goodman, Jeremy Bantrell, 1983-86 astrophysical hydrodynamics, stellar dynamics, gamma ray bursts * PhD 1983, Princeton
* Professor of Astrophysics, Princeton University
* Packard and Sloan winner
Narayan, Ramesh NAPF, 1983-1985 astrophysics, black holes * PhD 1979, Bangalore University
* (Thomas Dudley Cabot) Professor of Astronomy, Harvard
Hawley, John Bantrell, 1984-87 computational astrophysics, accretion disks * PhD 1984, U. Illinois
* Professor of Astronomy, U. Virginia
* Sloan, Warner Prize winner, Department Chair
Blaes, Omer Weizmann, 1986-89high energy astrophysics, compact objects * PhD 1986, Trieste
* Professor of Physics, UCSB
* Department Chair
Madau, Piero NAPF, 1987-89 cosmology, high energy astrophysics * PhD 1987, Trieste
* Professor of Astronomy, UCSC
Thompson, Christopher Tolman, 1988-1991 high energy astrophysics, radiative physics, astrophysical plasmas, cosmology * PhD 1988, Princeton
* Professor, CITA
* Sloan, Rutherford, Rossi winner
Murray, Norman NAPF, 1989-91 planetary dynamics, winds of AGN * PhD 1986, UC Berkeley
* Director, CITA, Toranto
Ratra, Bharat Fairchild, 1989-92 cosmology * PhD 1986, Stanford
* Professor of Physics, Kansas State University
Qian, Yong-Zhong Fairchild, 1990-92 nuclear astrophysics, particle astrophysics, cosmology * PhD 1993, UC San Diego
* Associate Professor of Physics, U. Minnesota
Bildsten, Lars DuBridge, 1991-94 stellar astrophysics, neutron stars, white dwarfs * PhD 1991, Cornell
* (Wayne Rosing, Simon and Diana Raab) Professor of Physics, UCSB and Permanent Member, KITP
* Sloan, Cottrell, Warner Prize winner
Davies, Melvyn
Tolman, 1992-1995
stellar clusters, black hole formation, planetary dynamics      
* PhD 1992, Harvard
* Professor of Astronomy, Lund University
Ma, Chung-Pei Fairchild, 1993-96 cosmology, dark matter and energy, galaxy and structure formation, black holes, lensing, CMB * PhD 1993, MIT
* Professor of Astronomy, UC Berkeley
Lai, Dong Tolman, 1994-97 high energy astrophysics, neutron stars, pulsars, magnetars, exoplanets * PhD 1994, Cornell
* Professor of Astronomy, Cornell
Brady, Patrick Fairchild, 1996-98 gravity wave astrophysics, numerical relativity, black holes * PhD 1994, U. Alberta
* Professor of Physics, U. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
* Cottrell, Sloan winner
Li, Zhi-Yun Fairchild, 1996-99 magnetohydrodynamics, star formation, gamma ray bursts * PhD 199?, University of Colorado
* Professor of Astronomy, University of Virginia
Shaviv, Nir Joseph DuBridge, 1996-99 neutron stars, supereddington accretion, waves in the early universe * PhD 1996, Israel Institute of Technology
* Associate Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Beacom, John Fairchild, 1997-00 nuclear and particle astrophysics, cosmology, neutrinos * PhD 1991, U. Kansas
* Professor of Physcis and Astronomy, Ohio State University
Heyl, Jeremy DuBridge, 1998-00 astrophysics of compact objects * PhD 1997, UC Santa Cruz
* Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia
* Canada Research Chair
Sari, Re'em (SRA) Fairchild, 1998-04 high energy and planetary astrophysics * PhD 1994, Hebrew University
* Professor of Astrophysics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
* Warner Prize winner, Sloan, Packard Fellowships
MacFadyen, Andrew DuBridge, 2001-04 supernovae, gamma ray bursts, black holes * PhD 2000, UC Santa Cruz
* Assistant Professor of Physics, New York University
Cooray, Asantha(SRA) Fairchild, 2001-05cosmology, particle physics, gravitational waves * PhD 2001, U. Chicago
* Associate Professor of Physics, UC Irvine
Pretorius, Frans Tolman, 2002-05 general relativity, black holes * PhD 2002, UBC
* Assistant Professor of Physics, Princeton
* Sloan Research Fellow, APS Rahman Prize
Phillips, Arielle Irvine, 2002-05 cosmology * PhD 2002, Princeton
* Research Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
Milosavljevic, Milos Fairchild, 2002-06 astrophysics * PhD 2002, Rutgers
* Professor of Astronomy, U. Texas, Austin
Pfeiffer, Harald Fairchild, 2003-06 gravitational-wave astrophysics, black holes, accretion disks * PhD 2003, Cornell
* Senior Postdoctoral Scholar, Caltech
* APS Dissertation winner (Nicholas Metropolis Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Work in Computational Physics)
Nakar, Ehud (SRA) Fairchild, 2004-08 high energy astrophysics, gamma ray bursts * PhD 1998, Hebrew University
* Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University
Bell, Nicole Fairchild, 2004-06 astroparticle physics, cosmology, neutrino, dark matter * PhD 2001, U. Melbourne
* Senior Lecturer, U. Melbourne
Furlanetto, Steven DuBridge, 2003-06 cosmology * PhD 2003, Harvard
* Associate Professor of Astronomy, UCLA
Brink, Jeandrew Fairchild, 2005-07 relativity, gravitational-wave astrophysics * PhD 2005, Cornell
* Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
Nagai, Daisuke Fairchild, 2005-08 cosmology, galaxy clusters, dark matter * PhD 2005, Cornell
* Assistant Professor of Astronomy, Yale
Ando, Shin'ichiro Fairchild, 2006-09 cosmology and particle physics, supernovae, gamma ray bursts, AGN * PhD 2005, U. Tokyo
* Assistant Professor, Gravitation and AstroParticle Physics Amsterdam (GRAPPA) & Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Amsterdam
Peng, Fang Fairchild, 2006-09 compact objects, gamma ray bursts, high energy astrophysics * PhD 2006, U. Chicago
* current:  Unknow
Peter, Annika Irvine, 2007-10 cosmology * PhD 2007, Princeton
* UC Irvine
Hinderer, Tanja Fairchild, 2008-11 relativity, gravitational-wave astrophysics * PhD 2008, Cornell
* Research Associate, University of Maryland
Ott, Christian Fairchild, 2008-09 research interests: supernovae, computational astrophysics and relativity * PhD 2007, Albert Einstein Institute
* Assistant Professor, Caltech
Brooks, Alyson Fairchild, 2008-11 cosmology * PhD 2008, U Washington
* Grainger Postdoctoral Fellow, U Wisconsin, Madison
Tsang, David Fairchild, 2009-12 accretion disks, proto-planetary disks * PhD 2009, Cornell
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