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Author and Title

Katherine Alatalo - “AGNs and their role in quenching star formation”

Mislav Balokovic - “Mkn 421: Detailed Evolution of a Blazar Spectral Energy Distribution”
Aaron Barth - “The Lick AGN Monitoring Project: Black Hole Masses and BLR Structure”

Anirban Bhattacharjee - “Diffuse X-Ray Emission in  AGNs and Galaxies”

Michael Brotherton - “Improving Quasar Black Hole Masses”

Sunil Chandra - “Blazar's variability study at Mt, Abu Infrared Observatory”

Suchetana Chattarjee - “A Direct Measurement of the Mean Occupation Function of Quasars: Breaking Degeneracy of Halo Occupation Distribution Models”

Gerald Fishman - “Maarten Schmidt's Contributions to GRB Research”

Varoujan Gorjian, “Spitzer Space Telescope Detection of Rapid 3.6 micron Reverberation in the Seyfert Galaxy Zw 229-015”

Matthew Graham - “The CRTS Quasar Variability Survey”

Alok Chandra Gupta - “Title Multi-wavelength Variability and QPOs in Blazars”

Omar Kurtanidze - “Optical study of VHE extragalactic sources”

Kathleen Labrie - “Signatures of Quasar Microlensing”

Omar Lopex-Cruz - “The Day that Tonantzintla Closed the Universe”

Matthew Malkan - “Low-power Quasars, Close Up”

Mariela Martinez - “Torus and Active Galactic Nucleus of Nearby Quasars”

Walter Max-Moerbeck - “Quasars and the Very Long Baseline Array”

Patrick Ogle - “Unification of Quasars and Radio Galaxies of All Sizes”

Liuyi Pei - “Reverberation Mapping of the Kepler AGN KA1858+4850”

Nicholas Ross - “3CK Quasars: 300,000 quasar spectra from SDSS and BOSS and how they've transformed quasar”

Christopher Russell - “SMBH Formation and Outflows from Active Galactic Nuclei (Seyferts and QSOs)”

Gregory Shields - “A Captured Runaway Black Hole in NGC 1277?”

Sumin Tang - “Quasars behind M31 from PTF”


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