Caltech Remote Observing Facilities

Cahill Remote Observing facilities are operated according to Caltech Health Guidelines. Please see Caltech covid policy definitions for more information.

In-person RO users are expected to comply with institute COVID policies, and those requesting use of RO rooms are assumed to attest they intend to comply with same.

Reservations: Reservations are required for RO room use and are submitted through the WMKO Remote Observing Request System (available through the WMKO Observer Portal—Keck) or for Palomar use through email to rof [at]

RO Room Schedules: Cahill ROF schedules are available at:

ROF1 – 118 Cahill
ROF2 – 144 Cahill

ROF Manual: The Cahill ROF manual is available online through this access-controlled URL:

Room Access: Access to Cahill and the ROF is through Caltech card keys. Many users will already have card-key access to Cahill ROF; if you don't, guest card-key access can be requested through email to rof [at]

Alternative Site Observing: At present both Palomar/P200 and Keck are still supporting "Alternative Site" (e.g. home) observing. Please find relevant instructions and resources on our Alternative Site Observing page.

Again, Patrick and Andy will be happy to answer any questions you might have in this transition period. Thank you for your patience with us as we all adapt to these rapidly changing circumstances.

ROF Reservations: Keck Remote Observing

Keck Remote Observing from Cahill ROF is requested through the WMKO Remote Observing Request System (available through the WMKO Observer Portal, and also at alternative sites (e.g. home) through Keck Alternative Site Observing methods.

ROF Reservations: Palomar Remote Observing

Palomar/Hale Remote Observing is requested through the Palomar/Hale Telescope Schedule/Reservation System (see also define P200 observing location FAQ). Separately: requests to use Cahill ROF are made by sending email to rof [at]; remote observing from alternative sites (e.g. home) are supported through Palomar Alternative Site Observing methods.

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