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What Are The Bus Safety Rules? How Do You Explain Safety Rules To A Child?

The most serious bet for your child is not to get on the transport, but to get on or off. Assuming you live in Dubai before your child resumes their daily schedule, you and your child must be aware of the welfare rules on the streets.

You can see a ton of traffic on the streets of Dubai, you want to train your child to follow these practices to make school transportation safer. Here are some ideas for the transport driver to remember when he manages. Make school bus rides safer for everyone by following these practices:

Choose and deposit safely

When the school bus arrives, your child needs to make sure the bus will arrive at the stop, the road will open, and the driver will say all is well before heading to the bus entrance. Your child should use the handrails to keep from falling.

Peak hours align with business and school hours. Therefore, under the current circumstances, it becomes difficult for guardians to drop off their children on the safest driverless streets in Dubai, claiming that a transport driver and a vehicle driver play an important role in transporting children to their goal as a safe driver in Dubai.


Make sure the bus stop is well lit. If your child is waiting for the bus outside your home, you must provide them with a flashlight or flashlight. Also, make sure the area is free of harmful objects, such as broken glass or barbed wire.

Ask your children to tell you about anyone who shows up at the bus stop for no apparent reason. When you have concerns, walk your child to the bus stop and see for yourself. Find out what you need to know.


  • When leaving a garage or driveway, watch for children walking or on their way to school.
  • When passing through neighborhoods with school zones, watch out for young people who plan to go to school but don't plan on getting there safely.
  • Decline. Keep an eye out for children wandering the road, especially assuming there are no overpasses in the area.
  • Continually perform organized tasks, for example, being a more careful driver and watching youth play and crowd near transportation points.
  • Make something known. Young people who are late for transportation can run down the road without controlling traffic.

School transports and public transportation are not expected to have safety belts. It is also the bus driver's responsibility to advice school children to wear a seat belt to follow the driver service Dubairules. Tell your children to stay in their seats and sit quietly. The same rules apply whether you have seat belts or not.

The child must remain in her seat until the bus comes to a complete stop. It is important to sit in the seat facing forward and avoid changing seats while the bus is in motion.Your youngster ought to likewise know where the crisis exits are on a transport.


Children can be injured if the exit is not done correctly. Pushing and shoving can cause injury. Teach your child to be patient and calm. If that means getting off the bus last to avoid the stampede, that's fine.

Once off the bus, the driver will give children the green light if they have to cross the street.Encourage your kid to cross before the transport, never behind it. Tell your child to pay attention to the driver or crossing guard and to move away from the bus when instructed.

Transport, similar to a ball or a book, it is safer to immediately inform the driver of the transport. Your child shouldn't have a problem getting the thing because the driver won't be able to see it.

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