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What Can a Title IX Attorney Do For You

If you or someone in your family has been accused unjustly of sexual assault on campus in the form of an Title IX complaint, you should immediately consult with a lawyer.

The first thing to remember is that the sooner you learn an expert legal defense the better. Title IX hearings often are quickly pushed through by overzealous schools, which give the respondent (meaning the person being defendant or accused) very little time to prepare. The judge Title IX Attorney can take an immediate and quick assessment of the case, and then prepare according to the circumstances.

What is Title IX

To be in compliance to Title IX, institutions receiving federal funding must take measures to ensure that there is equal opportunity for men and women. They must ensure that women and men receive equal treatment in programs and activities which involve faculty members, students staff members, faculty members, and administrators. Furthermore, schools should provide the same access to teams and facilities for athletics. In addition, schools must ensure that students do not face any form that involves sexual harassment and assault when they attend school.


In order to comply in accordance with Title IX, schools must allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity.

Who is Covered by Title IX

Title IX is applicable to both public and private educational institutions that receive any type of federal support. Many elementary schools and secondary schools also run within the framework of Title IX. Education and/or training programs funded by the federal government are also under Title IX's jurisdiction.

Schools and other educational institutions should provide equal opportunities to both males and females. This includes private and public elementary and secondary schools as well as vocational education programs.

Types of Title IX Cases

Discriminating against athletes in the recruitment or admissions process. Nearly any kind of discrimination based on gender results in a Title IX claim. For instance when a school does not provide equal opportunities for female and male athletes, it could be violating Title IX. Similarly, if a university offers housing that is not equal for females and males this could violate Title IX.

When recruiting athletes discriminating against them because of gender; offering less financial aid based on sexual harassment, whether it involves the teacher, student, administrator, or employee or discrimination against pregnant students; and sexual harassment involving an employee or student.

Students should be disciplined differently based on gender; Teachers should not engage in activities that discriminate based on gender; Employers should hire individuals with no regard to gender; Employees must be able to report incidents of sexual harassment from others and individuals exercising their rights under Title IX should not suffer retaliation because of participation in protected activities.

Your Rights Under Title IX

Title IX applies to institutions that receive federal funds. On the basis of what gender you are, you may not be discriminated against, or disqualified from participating in any programs.

We're determined to help our clients be successful in life. We know how challenging times may be and we would like to assist you to get back on track. Contact us if you need assistance or advice.

-- Anuj G - 2022-03-14


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