ZTF Bright Transient Survey Sample Explorer: Example queries

The sample explorer interface, while basic, enables queries for a variety of purposes - finding transients to observe, searching for unusual objects in the sample, gathering statistical samples of general or specific transients, or visual exploration of light curves and host galaxies.

Most recent transients
Still-detectable unclassified transients
Ic-BL supernovae
Possibly fast-rising transients
Slow transients
Sample transients from Paper II with m<18.5
Sample transient candidates from Paper II with m<18.5 lacking classifications
Low-luminosity transients (except novae)
High-luminosity transients
Transients in low-luminosity SDSS galaxies
CCSNe in luminous, red SDSS galaxies
Nearby core-collapse SN host collage
Nearby SN Ia host collage
Stripped-envelope SN light curves collage