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3 candidates returned by query. [link]
PS1 Lightcurve ZTF IDTNS IDRADec time mag Mabs Duration Rise Fade Type Redshift b AV
ZTF19acgfhfdAT2019sxc 00:43:01.55+41:17:59.7 779.63 r = 16.82 -7.643 7.177 1.9865.191 nova 0.00017 -21.54 0.17
ZTF20acfucwrAT2020ulv 00:43:08.38+41:08:49.9 1123.89 g = 16.95 -7.571 3.977 1.0442.933 nova 0.00017 -21.70 0.17
ZTF20acoqrpmAT2020yky 00:42:20.16+41:14:28.1 1155.72 g = 16.81 -7.717 4.476 0.5083.968 nova 0.00017 -21.60 0.17

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