What I Do

precision spectroscopy + planet hunting


Instrument Design

Stable Illumination

Error Budgets


Precision Pipelines

Stellar Activity

RV + Astrometry


Habitable Zone Planets

Reflected Light

Moon Formation


Next-Generation Spectrographs

Project Scientist

Keck Planet Finder

Combining large aperture and extreme precision, KPF will be a highly stabilized spectrograph at the 10m Keck-I telescope in Hawaii (scheduled 2021).

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Core Team Member


The centerpiece of a NASA-NSF collaboration, NEID will be an extreme precision optical spectrograph on the 3.5m WIYN telescope in Arizona (scheduled 2019).

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Habitable Zone Planet Finder

HPF is a newly commissioned precision near-infrared spectrograph on the 10m Hobby Eberly Telescope in Texas.

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On a new 2.5m robotic telescope in Mt. Abu, India, PARAS-2 will be an excellent workhorse spectrograph in the TESS era (scheduled 2019).

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I am invested in making the scientific community more diverse, equitable, and accessible — both through efforts to improve the culture internally, and spreading scientific awareness and appreciation to the public. Apart from speaking at events and engaging with the media, I am also the founder of the Caltech Chapter of Towards A More Inclusive Astronomy (TaMIA). We are an organization that promotes inclusivity and empathy by creating safe spaces for discussion, and crafting educational workshops based on narratives from within the astronomy community.

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