Outreach & Talks
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June 2019

We Were the Discoverers: Witnessing the Exoplanet Revolution

Inside secrets and stargazing with astronomers. Come hang out at our (free!) events this spring at Caltech.

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August 2018

Astronomy On Tap

Gave a talk on "Connecting the Pale Blue Dots" at the popular beer and bite-sized astronomy event at Der Wolfskopf in Old Town Pasadena.

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June 2018

India's First Exoplanet

After long years of work on PARAS, last year we published its first exoplanet confirmation.

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July 2018

Did I Really Just Find an Exoplanet?

Taught a session at the Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshop on "Breaking the 1 m/s Barrier: Data Collection and Data Analysis"

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December 2018

Worlds Without End

Gave the Astronomy Colloquium at CSUN to a very enthusiastic bunch.

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Developed "How to Find an Exoplanet" room of activities, and volunteered at Penn State's large annual Open House event for 7 years.

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2012 & 2014

USA Science & Engineering Festival

Presenting our NIR spectroscopy demo at the "largest celebration of science and engineering in the US".

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August 2015

The Secret History of the Moon

Dr. Jason Wright and I appear on Discovery Channel's "How the Universe Works" S4E6 to talk about our moonwork.

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September 2014

The Moon Comes Around Again

My work on the influence of Earthshine on an infant moon makes it to the New York Times!

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Jan 2015

Discover Magazine's Top 100 Stories of 2014

My work appeared twice(!) in the top stories of 2014: #59 Beneath the Moon’s Two Faces and #100 Meet the Exoplanet Class of 2014.

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August 2017

Extremely Precise Radial Velocities III Conference

Giving an invited talk on "The Deleterious Effects of Spectral Contamination"; presenting the Keck Planet Finder as its new Project Scientist; and leading a breakout session on "The Path to 10cm/s."

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July 2014

One of the Most Earthlike Planets Ever Found May Not Exist

National Geographic story of our work, led by Dr. Paul Robertson, where we showed that the purported habitable-zone exoplanet Gliese 581g is an insidious artefact of stellar activity.