In a nutshell HISPEC is a diffraction-limited, fiber-fed high-resolution infrared spectrograph covering the Y to K band spectral range in one shot. Being diffraction limited allows for a compact, stable and thus cost-effective design. HISPEC will be built for the Keck II telescope and fed by the KPIC fiber injection unit. HISPEC will be the workhorse high-resolution infrared spectrograph of TMT soon after first light, as part of the MODHIS facility, which includes a new fiber injection unit designed to integrate NFIRAOS the first light adaptive optics system of TMT. The instrument baseline specifications are summarized in the table below.

The scientific scope of HISPEC/MODHIS is very broad and ranges from exoplanet IR EPRV, transit spectroscopy, direct spectroscopy, BD characterization, stellar physics/chemistry, disk kinematics/composition, and extragalactic science. See table below for a summary.

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