Vortex workshop 

Venue: Caltech, Keith Spalding, 4th floor (left when exiting the elevator).

The entrance of Keith Spalding is on the East side of the building, on the small plaza between Cahill (astronomy building) and Keith Spalding.

Click here for a map, or here for a google street view. 

Dates: 15-17 August 2016

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Mawet Welcome address
Meshkat Holey disks
Choquet Debris disks and HST ALICE
Christiaens Transition disks
Ngo Keck L-band M dwarf survey
Absil HR8799 & robust astrometry
Surdej Weighing stars with coronagraphy
Wang High contrast high-resolution spectroscopy
Gomez Gonzalez VIP, RDI, LLSG & more
Cantalloube MEDUSAE
Van Droogenbroeck Background subtraction
Jensen-Clem Robo-AO: RDI and performance
Pairet Group sparsity


Vargas Vortex/AGPM fabrication
Delacroix Charge-4 vortex
Jolivet VODCA bench
Xuan High Contrast Spectroscopy for Segmented Telescope Testbed (HCST)
Huby QACITS & beyond
Singh LOWFS & PSF prediction
Orban PSF sharpening / phase diversity
Bottom Speckle nulling and coherence at Palomar and Keck
Kühn Digital Adaptive Coronagraphy with SLMs
Ruane Auxiliary fields for vortex coronagraphs
Mazoyer ACAD and vortex coronagraphy
Fogarty Optimal vortex apodizations
Snik Achromatic LCP
Warriner LCP vortex
Murakami Photonics crystal vortex


Shelton Palomar AO + Stellar Double Coronagraph
Defrère LBT
Kühn Subaru
Kaüfl VISIR & alpha Cen project
Milli A vortex on SPHERE?
Mawet Keck-TMT roadmap for high contrast spectroscopy
Mendillo PICTURE-C
Carlomagno Ground-based simulations
Krist Performance space coronagraph
Meeker MKIDS
Mawet Results from vortex TDEM #1 & TDEM #2: towards 10^10 contrast

1st international vortex workshop

A three-day invitation-only workshop dedicated to high contrast imaging, and more specifically to vortex coronagraphy, to be held at Caltech from August 15th to 17th, 2016. This workshop will gather the high-contrast imaging teams of Caltech/JPL, the University of Liège and the Uppsala University, as well as several other experts in the field. The attendance will be limited to 50 (Caltech’s Keith Spalding meeting room capacity). 

Although the prime goal of the workshop will be to review the progress of vortex-related projects currently carried out at Caltech/JPL, University of Liège, Uppsala University, and other collaborating institutions, we will reserve several time slots for contributed talks. The workshop is expected to also include ample time for discussions, and to foster the emergence of new ideas and concepts in the field of vortex coronagraphy, and more generally high contrast imaging/spectroscopy for future large ground-based and space-borne telescope (TMT, E-ELT, HabEx, LUVOIR, HDST, ...). 

Topics addressed during the workshop will include (non-exhaustive list):

- Design and fabrication of achromatic vortex phase masks

- Phase and amplitude apodization, remapping

- Coronagraphic testbeds

- On-sky operations at existing facilities equipped with vortex coronagraphs

- Low-order and/or image plane wavefront sensing

- Post-processing algorithms

- Scientific exploitation (on-going surveys, exoplanet/disk characterization)

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