Caltech group

In preparation to future exoplanet imaging and characterization instrumentation for large ground- and space-based telescopes (Palomar 200-inch Hale telescope, W.M. Keck Observatory, Thirty Meter Telescope, NASA HabEx, and LUVOIR), my new high contrast imaging group at Caltech is assembling a laboratory to advance high contrast imaging and spectroscopy techniques. The areas of development we are focussing on include: 

  1. Wavefront sensing techniques in the red and near-infrared, with an emphasis on efficient, low-noise wavefront sensors (Zernike and/or Pyramid).
  2. New detector technologies such as EMCCD, IR-APD arrays, electron injectors, MKIDs. 
  3. Coronagraphs for obscured and segmented telescopes.
  4. Post-coronagraphic, Lyot-based, or image-based wavefront sensing and control.
  5. High-contrast high-resolution spectroscopy.
  6. Machine learning post-processing techniques.

More details can be found here:

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