Data on Galactic Globular Clusters

These are ASCII data tables, based on the data compilations in ASP Conf. Ser. vol. 50 (the Ivanfest), "Structure and Dynamics of Globular Clusters", eds. S. Djorgovski and G. Meylan (1993). If you use any of them, please cite the appropriate paper(s).

A list of known globulars and their coordinates

Photometric parameters

Structural parameters

Derived physical parameters

Velocity dispersions

A data table useful for statistical studies

NB: These data have not been updated since 1993! There are many possible improvements. These data are probably OK for statistical or sample-construction purposes, or as a quick look-up for individual clusters, but if precise values for any given cluster are needed, a database and/or literature search since 1993 may be advisable.

These data have been analysed by Djorgovski and Meylan (1994, AJ, 108, 1147) and by Djorgovski (1995, ApJ, 438, L29).

Another very useful (and in some aspects more up to date) compilation is by W. Harris, at (cf. Harris, W., 1996, AJ, 112, 1487).