vCaltech is a virtual world, an immersive virtual reality environment, used for an exploration of the potential of this technology as a platform for scientific research and education.

The project is conducted by the Caltech Astroinformatics group (PI: Prof. S. G. Djorgovski). vCaltech is open to all members of the Caltech/JPL community, and their selected outside collaborators. It uses the OpenSim technology, and it is based on the Universal Campus package, developed by Prof. Crista Lopes (UCI). It continues the development initiated by the Meta-Institute for Computational Astrophysics (MICA), and it is supported in part by the NSF grant HCC-0917814.

To obtain an account: fill this form and contact Prof. Djorgovski.

If you are new to VWs, read this first, and then follow the links here.

Last changed: 27 Jan 2012, SGD