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Basic Readings and Information:


NVO Science Definition Team website and the report -- probably the most comprehensive overview of the NVO concept so far

National Virtual Observatory (NVO) White Paper astro-ph/0108115 -- local PDF -- a precursor to the NVO SDT report

"Revolutionizing Science and Engineering Through Cyberinfrastructure", an NSF report (aka the Atkins Report): Report website and individual PDF files: Executive Summary -- The Report -- Appendices (PDF files)

"Virtual Observatory: From Concept to Implementation", by S. G. Djorgovski & R. Williams, ASPCS vol. 345, p. 517 (2005), available at astro-ph/0504006 -- local PDF

"Virtual Astronomy, Information Technology, and the New Scientific Methodology", by S. G. Djorgovski, in IEEE Proc. of CAMP05: Computer Architectures for Machine Perception, eds. V. Di Gesu & D. Tegolo, p. 125 (2005), available at astro-ph/0504651 -- local PDF

"2020: Computational Science in an Exponential World", by A. Szalay & J. Gray, Nature, 440, 413 (2006) -- (PDF)
"The World-Wide Telescope", by A. Szalay & J. Gray, Science, 293, 2037 (2001) -- local gzip PS -- local PDF
"The Heavens at Your Fingertips", a news feature, Nature, 420, 262 (2002) -- local gzip PS -- local PDF
An article from Physics Today, Feb. 2002 -- local gzip PS -- local PDF

Selected Powerpoint Presentations (lots of redundancy), in PDF format:

Related Websites:

European VO project
The International VO Alliance
U.K. Astrogrid
Virtual Sky project
Alliance for Community Technology (products)
Alex Szalay's webpage
Jim Gray's webpage
Bohdan Paczynski's webpage


Towards an International Virtual Observatory Conference Website
Virtual Observatories of the Future Conference Website -- (contributions on astro-ph) -- (online presentations)

Selected Review Papers From Our Group:

Exploration of Large Digital Sky Surveys : (astro-ph/0012489) * (Gzip PS) * (PDF)
Searches for Rare Types of Objects : (astro-ph/0012453) * (Gzip PS) * (PDF)
Exploration of Parameter Spaces in a Virtual Observatory : (astro-ph/0108346) * (Gzip PS) * (PDF)
Challenges for Cluster Analysis in a Virtual Observatory : (astro-ph/020824) * (Gzip PS) * (PDF)
The Roles of Small Telescopes in a Virtual Observatory Environment : (astro-ph/0208170) * (Gzip PS) * (PDF)
Massive Data Sets in Astronomy : (astro-ph/0106481)

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