Current Students:

       Evan Sinukoff  - 6th year Univ. of Hawaii grad student in residence at Caltech
       Lea Hirsch - 6th year UC Berkeley grad student
       Aida Behmard - 1st year Caltech (GPS) grad student
       Sarah Blunt - post-baccalaureate student (2017-)
       Tzarina Shippee - Caltech Sophomore

Current Affiliated Postdocs:

      Erik Petigura - Hubble Fellow, Caltech (2015-)
      Arpita Roy - Millikan Fellow, Caltech (2017-)
     Sean Mills - Caltech (2017-)

Past Students and Postdocs:

       BJ Fulton (2012-2017) - Univ. Hawaii grad student & Caltech Texaco postdoc; currently staff scientist at NExScI
       Travis Berger (2015-2016) - Univ. Hawaii grad student
       Lauren Weiss (2015-2016) - UC Berkeley grad student; currently Trottier Fellow at Univ. Montreal
       Ben Boe (2015) - Univ. of Hawaii grad student
       Sam Grunblatt (2013-2015) - Univ. of Hawaii grad student
       Larissa Nofi (2014-2015) - Univ. of Hawaii grad student; currently pre-doctoral fellow at Lowell Observatory
       Axexandra Pleus (2014) - summer student; currently grad student at Univ. of Hawaii
       Erik Petigura (2013-2014) - UC Berkeley grad student; currently Hubble Fellow at Caltech
       Jieun Choi (2011) - UC Berkeley undergrad currently grad student at Harvard
       Sam Halverson (2010-2011) - UC Berkleey undergrad; currently Sagan Fellow at Penn

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