Ay20 - Basic Astronomy & the Galaxy

Professor: John Johnson, johnjohn @ astro . caltech . edu

TA: Jackie Villadsen, jrv @ astro . caltech . edu (office: Cahill 264)

Class: 1 hour, MWF - time will be decided at organizational meeting at 9 am on Monday, September 26 in Cahill room 219

Problem solving sessions: Room 219 - Monday 8:30-10:30 pm, Thursday 7-9 pm

Philosophy: We know you’re here to learn. We will take a collaborative approach to problem sets.  Class sessions will be workshop-style rather than purely lectures (so class attendance is mandatory).  In addition to participating in class, you are encouraged to dream up other creative ways of learning: reading and analyzing the news, blogging, making podcasts or videos or apps, interviewing scientists, editing Wikipedia, organizing stargazing trips, or something else we haven’t imagined yet.

Welcome to Ay20