Data / Software

I am an active code developer and have been written data processing pipelines for several optical and near infrared instruments on the Palomar 200-inch telescope, Keck telescopes and Magellan telescopes. As data lead for the Palomar Gattini-IR survey, I wrote a completely automated data reduction pipeline for the instrument for image reduction, photometry and subtraction (working with Matt Hankins). Most of this code has been developed in Python, using open source tools like SExtractor, Scamp, Swarp, PSFEx and Drizzle. The data processing is synchronized to a Postgres SQL database for rapid data storage and querying capabilities. 

Previously, I wrote part of the software correlator for the pulsar backend of the upgraded Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) in India, using optimized techniques for parallelized signal processing on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

Stay tuned to this section for upcoming code releases of these packages.