Keck Science Meeting 2001

California Institutue of Technology
Arms Lecture Hall (Room 155)
13 October, 2001

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The annual meeting of the Keck Observatory user community, held this year at Caltech, has as its purpose to showcase recent and interesting results from the Keck I and Keck II telescopes on Mauna Kea. It is also a forum for obtaining status reports on current and new instrumentation, and for discussing initiatives and opportunities that are still in the planning stages. We hope to have resounding participation from the Caltech, UC, UH, and NASA members of our scientific partnership.

Organizing Committee:
Lynne Hillenbrand (Chair)
Pieter van Dokkum -- Caltech
Michael Rich -- UCLA

If you wish to give a talk or a poster you must send email to the above address by 20 September, indicating so (okay, I will make exceptions, but please act quickly). The detailed talk schedule and poster layout will be based on the responses received. It would be most helpful if participants could indicate the general theme of the proposed talk/poster if not an actual title.

Talks will be 15 minutes in length including questions (so plan for 12 + 3). We will have two viewgraph projectors and capabilities for computer projection. Other AV needs should be specially arranged. Posters (two sizes: 4' x 4' and 20" x 30", and not pre-allocated or reserved) will be up all day with special viewing opportunties during breaks in and immediately following the oral session. Please be flexible about your space needs and note that less complicated posters are often better absorbed by the reader than large complex ones! We will have an opportunity for any poster presenter who wants, to give a "1-viewgraph, 1-minute, no-questions" (stricly enforced) summary of their poster during the oral sesssion. This enables "full exposure" for more of us than can be accomodated in the talk schedule for a one-day meeting. Thanks go to Jim Beletic for suggesting this.

Note that while lunch and refreshments will be provided, participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging costs. Hotels appear to be fairly well-occupied due to a large event taking place elsewhere in Pasadena. We know (as of 9 October) of a few rooms still available at the Sheraton, the Doubletree, and the Marriott/Courtyard. Motels are more likely to have availability.

If you plan to attend this meeting but have not yet let us know, do please send a note to the above email address. We need to know to within +/-10 people how many will be attending so we can plan refreshments and lunch without any shortages.

Thanks for helping us make this event a success!

Schedule of Talks [near final]

Schedule of Posters [near final]
Local Information:
  • Directions to Caltech
  • Offical Campus Map (.pdf) -- The meeting is 155 Arms, a.k.a. building 25.
  • Homegrown ascii map of the area
  • Local Hotels

  • After the meeting: What's to do in Pasadena? (according to yahoo!)