** NOTE: i have a folder from the meeting which belongs to somebody who took notes on three-hole lined paper and who acquired a preprint of a paper on ngc 1068. please let me know if this is you and you would like your folder/notes back. **

Keck Science Meeting 2003

California Institutue of Technology
Arms Lecture Hall (Room 155)
25 October, 2003

Web page: http://www.astro.caltech.edu/~lah/keck.science.2003
Email inquiries: lah(at)astro.caltech.edu

The annual meeting of the Keck Observatory user community, held this year at Caltech, has as its purpose to showcase recent and interesting results from the Keck I and Keck II telescopes on Mauna Kea. It is also a forum for obtaining status reports on current and planned instrumentation, and for discussing initiatives and opportunities that are still far afield. We hope to have resounding participation from the Caltech, UC, UH, NASA, and WMKO members of our scientific partnership. [kona coast sunset]

Organizing Committee:
Lynne Hillenbrand -- Caltech
Michael Rich -- UC

If you are planning to attend the meeting but did not send in a request for a talk or a poster, PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU ARE COMING. Simply drop a line to lah(at)astro.caltech.edu with the subject "keck science meeting". All are welcome, but we need to have an accurate head count for catering purposes; if I see you at the meeting without having announced your presence, you will be escorted to the very back of the lunch line!!

The talk schedule and the list of poster presenters is now posted. Send any amended titles or author lists. The final agenda was made considering a wide range of factors including science balance, institutional balance, whether you spoke last year, etc. Though the talk schedule is full, if you would like to bring a poster that is not already on the list, do submit a request. We should have space to accomodate everyone.

We will assemble and distribute an abstract book. Those of you who did not send abstracts with your original talk/poster request and wish to do so now, please go ahead.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR OUT-OF-TOWNERS: It has been brought to our attention that the "Breeders Cup" is taking place this same weekend at the Santa Anita Park (race track). This means many area hotels are already booked up. We encourage you to make reservations early, that is, ASAP. We have set aside a number of rooms at the Sheraton, the Fuller Guest Center, and at the Vagabond Inn which you can reserve by asking for the "Keck Science Meeting" rooms. Please let us know if you are having trouble finding something. Here [pdf format] is an up-to-date list of hotels known to have availability along with rates and phone numbers.