Keck Science Meeting 2005

California Institutue of Technology
Arms Lecture Hall (Room 155)

Thursday 22 September, 2005 (afternoon) -- Strategic Planning Discussion
Friday 23 September, 2005 (all day) -- Science Meeting

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The annual meeting of the Keck Observatory user community will be held at Caltech this year. We hope to have resounding participation from the Caltech, UC, UH, NASA, TSIP, and WMKO members of our scientific partnership. Recent and interesting results from the Keck I and Keck II telescopes (and Interferometer) on Mauna Kea will be showcased. The meeting is also a forum for obtaining status reports on current and planned instrumentation, and for discussing initiatives and opportunities that are still far afield. An observatory strategic planning discussion will occur on the afternoon before the day of the science meeting. [kona coast sunset]
Organizing Committee:
Lynne Hillenbrand -- Caltech
(other volunteers welcome)

Latest Information: The meeting is this week! We look forward to seeing all 115 of you. Please note the parking information below. Talk and poster schedules are linked below as well.


Please register if you are planning to attend either or both days of the meeting. Registration helps us with logistical planning and ensures that you will have access to food/beverage and to parking. Travel and lodging arrangments are the responsibility of individual participants; see information below.

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Strategic Planning Discussion: 1 pm - 5 pm on 22 September

The strategic planning discussion will be a 1/2 day meeting. It is an opportunity for community interaction on many facets of the Keck Observatory, focussing on the future. Participation by all interested in the Keck Telescopes is encouraged. Please familiarize yourself with the following in order to make the most of this session.

Science Meeting: 8:30 am - 6 pm on 23 September

The science meeting will be a full day meeting consisting of short talks and posters. Talks will be selected from the proposed titles/abstracts. Anyone may present a poster.

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