My name is Mithi Alexa (Mia) de los Reyes (she/her/hers).

I'm an NSF Graduate Research Fellow at Caltech Astronomy, where I work with Evan Kirby to study the chemical evolution of nearby low-mass galaxies. Before I started my PhD, I was a Churchill Scholar at Cambridge University's Institute of Astronomy, where I worked with Rob Kennicutt to investigate star formation laws that describe how stars form on galaxy-wide scales.

When I'm not doing research, I enjoy rock climbing, doing aerial silks, and eating baked goods.

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I use multi-wavelength observations of nearby galaxies to understand how they form and evolve.
Below is a subset of my publication list. You can find a full list here:  ADS

First-author publications

  • de los Reyes, M.A., Kirby, E.N., Ji, A.P., Nuñez, E.H. (2021) Simultaneous Constraints on the Star Formation History and Nucleosynthesis of Sculptor dSph, ApJ, 925.1, arXiv:2110.01690
  • de los Reyes, M.A., Kirby, E.N., Seitenzahl, I.R., Shen, K.J. (2020) Manganese Indicates a Transition from Sub- to Near-Chandrasekhar Type Ia Supernovae in Dwarf Galaxies, ApJ, 891.1, arXiv:2001.01716
  • de los Reyes, M.A., Kennicutt, R.C. (2019) Revisiting the Integrated Star Formation Law. Paper I: Non-Starbursting Galaxies, ApJ, 872.1, arXiv:1901.01283
  • de los Reyes, M.A., Ly, C., Lee, J.C., et al. (2015) The Relationship Between Stellar Mass, Gas Metallicity, and Star Formation Rate for Hα-selected Galaxies at z ≈ 0.8 from the NewHα survey, AJ, 149.2, arXiv:1410.1551

Selected co-authored publications

  • Zhuang, Z., Kirby, E.N., Leethochawalit, N., de los Reyes, M.A. (2021) NGC 147 Corroborates the Break in the Stellar Mass-Stellar Metallicity Relation for Galaxies, ApJ, 920.1, arXiv:2107.04067
  • Kennicutt, R.C., de los Reyes, M.A. (2021) Revisiting the Integrated Star Formation Law. Paper II: Starbursts and the Combined Global Schmidt Law, ApJ, 908.1, arXiv:2012.05363
  • Shin, K., et al., including de los Reyes, M.A. (2021) Metal Abundances across Cosmic Time (MACT) Survey. III. The Relationship between Stellar Mass and Star Formation Rate in Extremely Low-Mass Galaxies, MNRAS, 502.2, arXiv:1910.10735
  • Kirby, E.N., et al., including de los Reyes, M.A. (2019) Evidence for Sub-Chandrasekhar Type Ia Supernovae from Stellar Abundances in Dwarf Galaxies, ApJ, 881.1, arXiv:1906.10126
  • Ly, C., et al., including de los Reyes, M.A. (2016) The Metal Abundance Across Cosmic Time (MACT) Survey I: Optical Spectroscopy in the Subaru Deep Field, ApJS, 226.1, arXiv:1602.01089

Current research

White-light image of galaxy produced from integrated field spectroscopy.

Galaxies in cosmic voids

I study low-mass galaxies located in the emptiest parts of the universe: cosmic voids.

Zoomed-in portion of stellar spectrum, with models fit to the data.

Galactic archaeology

I use the chemical abundances of stars in nearby galaxies to learn about the progenitors of Type Ia supernovae.

Star forming region S106. Image credit: NASA/ESA

Star formation laws

I try to understand what factors drive star formation in nearby galaxies.

Outreach and Service

Here are some of the outreach and professional service activities I do. Check out my CV for a more extensive list!

Invited public talks and other appearances

Main activities

Astrobites logo of a stylized planet with a bite taken out of it
Astrobites: I write for Astrobites, a website run by graduate students that publishes daily summaries of recent papers on astro-ph. You can check out my posts here! As a member of the admin committee, I help make steering decisions for the collaboration. I previously chaired the diversity, equity, and inclusion committee, where I spearheaded several diversity-related initiatives in Astrobites, including the #BlackinAstro and Indigenous Astronomy series.

Caltech Women in PMA logo

Women in PMA: I am a member of the organizing committee of Caltech Women in Physics, Math, and Astronomy, a group that aims to support folks of marginalized genders in the Caltech PMA division. I help plan and run regular events: social events, workshops, and journal clubs.

FUTURE of Physics logo
FUTURE of Physics: I was a co-chair of the 2019 FUTURE of Physics event, a 2-day workshop that brought talented women from across the US to Caltech to learn about grad school.

Other organizations

  • WAVE Council: I mentor a number of underrepresented students participating in the WAVE summer research program at Caltech.
  • Respect is a Part of Research: I help organize an annual peer-led training about preventing sexual violence and sexual harassment (based off the Berkeley RPR event).
  • PMA Student Advisory Board: As a member of the Student Advisory Board, I help advocate for graduate students in the Caltech PMA division.


Here are some resources I've put together for people applying to grad school or people interested in improving department climate/admissions policies.

Grad app timeline
Photo of the Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics
List of active faculty
Image of doctoral cap
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Removing the PGRE
Graph from Levesque et al. (2015) showing distribution of Physics GRE scores from prize fellowship winners

Contact Me

Have questions about my research? Want me to participate in a science outreach event? Have questions about the resources I've posted here? Please use the form below to contact me!