NGC 6231

Dr. Michael A. Kuhn

Postdoctoral Scholar

California Institute of Technology

1200 E. California Blvd
MC 249-17
Pasadena, CA 91105
e-mail: mkuhn (at)

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My main areas of research are star formation, young stellar objects, and the assembly of star clusters and associations. My work is based on observations of nearby star-forming regions using many parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, from X-ray to optical to millimeter wavelenghts.

I am also interested in astrostatistics, in particular, mixture models and spatial point processes.

Recent Projects

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Highlights from older projects can be found here.

Data Access

For the Public

2020 – Mapping stellar nurseries in the Milky Way write-up at

2019 – Image of W40 by JPL featuring our work in the MYStIX project: 'Space Butterfly' Is Home to Hundreds of Baby Stars

2018 – Joint press release by Caltech and ESA about Gaia 17bpi: Young Star Caught in a Fit of Growth and Gaia captures a rare FU Ori outburst

2018 – NASA press release about young "Sun-like stars" in NGC 6231: NGC 6231: Stellar Family Portrait in X-rays

2014 – NASA press release about the discovery of a spatial age gradient in young star clusters: NASA's Chandra Observatory Delivers New Insight Into Formation of Star Clusters

2007 – New York Times coverage of our discovery of a pre-main-sequence binary companion to the star beta Crucis in the Southern Cross: Astronomers May Have Found New Star in Southern Cross


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