Projects in Development & Ideas

I assume that you are visiting this page because you are considering working with me. Historically, I have done well with highly motivated young people. Please be warned: I am not a a nuts-n-bolts advisor and I value independently minded students. My main job, as I see it, is to give you opportunities and help you develop as a young researcher. I like to meet my students on a "as needed basis" over a weekly meetings (daily is simply out of question). Here I list projects "in development" (i.e. the ideas are mature and I am actually spending time and money developing the idea) and future ideas (which can range from pure ideas to well thought out projects; caveat emptor).


As explained in this paper SEDM at P60 has been amazingly successful. There is a clear and urgent need for more spectral classification engines. SO the plan is to install SEDMv2 on the recently roboticized KP84 telescope. Excellent thesis project.

Galactic Radio Explorer (GREx)

Submitted NSF proposal (November 2020). I can provide NSF proposal to sincerely interested young people.

Searches for pulsars at dekameters

Thinking (have some interesting views)

Bowshocks & Cometary nebula of neutron stars

Thinking (having truly interesting counter ideas).

Search for Fast Optical Bursts

Have started self-study. Need to eliminate sub-orbital debris at a high level of fidelity. Fortunately, sub-orbital debris (which also includes NEOs) is of interest to funding agencies (DOD, NASA, NSF). Excellent thesis project.

The Physics of Extreme Scattering Events