Graduate Students

Kevin Burdge, starting sixth year, Compact stellar binaries (advisor: Tom Prince)
Christopher Bochenek, starting fifth year, Search for Galactic FRBs, DSA-110 (co-advised by Vikram Ravi)
Kathryn Plant, starting Fourth year, FRBs at high frequencies (advised by G. Hallinan)
Yuhan Yao, starting third year, Progenitors of Ia supernovae, Search for stellar black holes
Yashvi Sharma, starting Second year, Bright Transient Survey
Antonia Rodriguez, first year, Microlensing

Postdoctoral Scholars

U. Christoffer Fremling , ostdoctoral Fellow with ZTF TDA group, 2017-
Kunal Mooley , Jansky Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-present)
Wenbin Lu, Walter Burke Fellow in (2018-present), Theoretical High Energy Astrophysics; FRBs
Igor Andreoni Postdoctoral Fellow with TDA group (2018-present)
Jan van Roestel, Postdoctoral Fellow with TDA group (2018-present), binary stars
Ilaria Caiazzo, Walter Burke Fellow (2019-present), Theoretical Astophysics
Przemyslaw Mroz, Postdoctoral Fellow with the TDA group (2019-present), microlensing
Liam D. Connor, Tolman Research Scholar (2020-present)
Dongzi Li, Sherman Fairchild Postdocotral Fellow (2020-present)

Research Colleagues

Andrew Drake, Lead QA/Calibration (ZTF; Transients/Variables)
Ashish Mahabal, Lead Computational/Data Scientist (ZTF; Transients/Classification; ML/Data Science)
Don Neill, Project Scientist for SEDM, GRB afterglows
Dmitry Duev, Astro-informatics
Matthew GrahamProject Scientist for ZTF, Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)
Lin Yan, Palomar Observatory Astronomer, Super-luminous supernovae

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