Graduate Students

Yuhan Yao, fourth year, Tidal Disruption Events (SRG, ZTF)
Yashvi Sharma, third year, Bright Transient Survey & Spectral Energy Distribution Machine v2
Antonia Rodriguez, second year, Microlensing

Postdoctoral Scholars

U. Christoffer Fremling , ostdoctoral Fellow with ZTF TDA group, 2017-
Jan van Roestel, Postdoctoral Fellow with TDA group (2018-present), binary stars
Ilaria Caiazzo, Walter Burke Fellow (2019-present), Theoretical Astophysics
Liam D. Connor, Tolman Research Scholar (2020-present)
Niharika Sravan, ZTF Postdoctoral Scholar (2021-present)
Zach Vanderbosch, ZTF Postdoctoral Scholar (2021-present)
Robert Stein MMA Postdoctoral Scholar (2021-present)

Research Colleagues

Andrew Drake, Lead QA/Calibration (ZTF; Transients/Variables)
Ashish Mahabal, Lead Computational/Data Scientist (ZTF; Transients/Classification; ML/Data Science)
Don Neill, Project Scientist for SEDM, GRB afterglows
Matthew GrahamProject Scientist for ZTF, Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)
Lin Yan, Palomar Observatory Astronomer, Super-luminous supernovae

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