Talk on "Jets in GRBs (and other relativistic explosions)" Talk given at APS meeting, St Louis Meeting 2008 April.

Octagon popular talk on "Explosions of Cosmic Explosions". U. Western Australia, Institute for Advanced Studies Series, 1 April 2008. Talk and associated moves can be found here.

Talk on Astrometry in the TMT era.   PPT  |  Fly-by mesolensing movie


Bethe Centennial Symposium


Bacher Memorial Symposium   Needed attachments: tri_godseye_03.mov   |   bns14.mpg   |   seq1.mpg  |   S12.AVI

Biermann Lecture I, "Cosmic Explosions"


  • October 9, 2004, IIT Madras
    Astronomy: High Adventure, High Science & High Tech (has slide numbers)
  • April 9, 2004, Penn State University
        Central Engines of GRBs and SNe (Meszaros 60th Birthday)
  • 19 March 2004, ITP. UC Santa Barbara
        Planet Searches at Caltech (not a review) (Informal talk)


  • MSC Confirmation Review, 2003 October 30. Power Point version
  • Keck Interferometer Science Working Group, 2003 October 29. Power point version
  • GRBs and SNe: LLNL colloquium, May 2003. Power point version
  • Plenary Talk, International Astronomical Union, Sydney, July 2003. Power point version
  • Talk at the Cosmic Explosions (Astronomical Society Annual Meeting), October 2003 Power point version
  • Talk at the Swift meeting, October 2003 Power point version