MAKEE: October 2000 Version

New Features for October 2000 Version (3.2.0):

  1. ESI: Makee now reduces ESI echellette data. The syntax is the same as with HIRES. ESI version only handles 1x1 binning.

  2. Linux and Sun: Makee now compiles and links on PC/Linux systems using "g77" and "gcc", as well as on Sun/Solaris systems. See 0.README in new version.

  3. Dual Amp: Makee now reduces dual amp readout data with both ESI and HIRES.

  4. "oko=" : A new makee option to specify echelle orders to use for object centroid within slit. (Needed for ESI if fewer than four orders have adequate light.)

  5. "uop=" : A new makee option used to manually specify the object center, width, and background limits with individual orders. See uop_help .

  6. An interactive PGPLOT image display program "cpgim" has been added.

  7. The program "xplot" can now overplot multiple 2-D spectra.

Download the most recent MAKEE software from Caltech.
See installation instructions here.