Makee: Viewing Your Spectra (as of November 2000)

Your makee 2D output spectra can be viewed using a few different tools within the makee package. All of this plotting programs use PGPLOT and require you to start a pgdisp display window on your console (except when you only want a PostScript output file.)

  • spim0 : This is the first in a series of SPectrum-in-an-IMage-format plotting programs. It is non-interactive and is useful for creating PostScript plots.

  • spim1 : This program is an interactive version of spim0, and is mainly used when for doing interactive ThAr arcline identifications. Unless the automated wavelength scale program autoid fails, you will probably not need to use this program.

  • spim2 : This interactive plotting program can be used to plot several spectrum with varying setup angles at the same time. Also can be used for astmospheric (telluric) absorption correction. Also can be used in scaling orders in preparation for combining and in "masking out" bad regions of the spectra.

  • xplot : This is a generalized plotting program. It was originally written to plot 1-D spectra, but can be used with the 2-D makee format using the "row=" option. It has numerous functions designed for analyzing QSOs, and in particular, QSO absorption lines.

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