MAKEE 2018 Notes

Since the old 'g77' compiler has been replaced by 'gfortran' on most systems, I have made several code changes to MAKEE to get it to compile with gfortran on linux systems. The new version can be downloaded here: makee_6.1-2018.tar.gz .

The new version has not been thoroughly tested, please send me (Tom Barlow) email if you have any problems (

Also, note some new comments on ESI flux calibration: (Flux Calibration).

October 2018: Increased maxpixsub value in to work better with ESI.

October 2018: Created a Arc-HgNeXeCuAr.fits file so now ESI reductions work with arc lamp exposures containing both HgNeXe and CuAr.

October 2018: Allowed interpolation of bad columns in ESI data (problem with 2nd bluest echelle order).