PGPLOT Installation Instructions: LINUX systems

Version 5.2.0

For LINUX systems, I recommend installing from the source code, following the standard UNIX instructions. This will ensure that the library is compiled with the same version of the compilers that you will use with application programs, and allows you to select which PGPLOT device drivers are included in the library.

Precompiled versions are available for some varieties of LINUX, however, containing a limited set of device drivers. I did not create these myself, and if you have problems with them, I suggest that you obtain the source distribution.

If anyone wishes to make other binary packages, I would appreciate it if they would consult me first.

Linux for Astronomy

PGPLOT is included on the Linux for Astronomy CD-ROMs, available from The Random Factory.


G. John Lapeyre ( has put source code and binary packages on his Web page at They are also available at the official Debian site, and mirrors.


Evgeny Stambulchik ( has created a precompiled ELF package:
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