LaTeX Picture Environment

Supported device
This driver creates a text file containing commands for drawing in the LaTeX picture environment, bracketted by \begin{picture} and \end{picture}. The file can be included in a LaTeX document.

If you have the option of including a PostScript file in your LaTeX document, then that will usually give much better results than using this driver, which has very limited capabilities.

Device type code

Default file name

Default view surface dimensions
The default picture size is 6 inches by 6 inches (which corresponds to 1728×1728 units where a unit is 0.25pt = 1/288 inch). The picture size can be changed by using PGPAP in the PGPLOT program.

The driver rounds coordinates to multiples of 0.25pt (1/288 inch).

Color capability

Obtaining hardcopy
Embed the file in a LaTeX document and use the normal LaTeX tools to process it, e.g.,
\input pgplot.tex
The LaTeX picture environment has a very limited set of primitives. In particular, diagonal lines must be composed out of dots. This can lead to very large files. For some graphs (especially with a lot of shaded areas), the capacity of many LaTeX systems can easily be exceeded.

Originally written by Grant McIntosh (, February 1995.