NOVEMBER 19, 2020 1000-1400 (PST)

            All conducted via Zoom

            NSF guests: Richard Barvainis & Nigel Sharp



Chaired by Mansi Kasliwal, Assistant Professor of Astronomy

Status of ZTF-II: 1000-1100

            Welcome the guests and introduce the team … Shri Kulkarni (2 minutes)

            Status: Operations … Matthew Graham (10+4 minutes)

            Status: ZTF Data System … Frank Masci (10+4)

            Report from brokers: [7+3 each]

            ALeRCE (Forster, Chile), FINK (Moller, France), ANTARES (Matheson, USA)

Community Science Advisory Committee: 1100-1110

            Community Science Advisory Committee Mario Juric, Chair

Science Updates: 1110-1210 (8+4 each)

            Andy Tzanidakis (postbac)…  Volume Limited Supernova Survey

            Yuhan Yao (grad) … ZTF & SRG: An emerging sub-class of accreting black holes

            Igor Andreoni (postdoc) … Kilonovae & short hard bursts

            Jan van Roestel (postdoc) … White dwarf binaries

            Michael Kelley (UMd) … Updates from the Solar System group

Planned upgrades: 1210-1240

            Bright Transient Survey & Automated Spectral Classification Yashvi Sharma [10+5]

            Fritz:  Dmitri Duev [10+5 minutes]




Chaired by Tom Prince, Professor of Physics

Education & Public Outreach: 1300-1330

            Zwicky Chemical Factory (Xander Hall) [10+5]

            ZTF Summer School (Michael Coughlin) [5+5]


Challenges & Opportunities led by Kulkarni: 1330-1345

            Force photometry service

            Sub-percent photometry

            New linkages: ATLAS, SRG, DESI, SDSSV

Discussion led by Barvainis: 1345-1400



List: [external to Caltech]

            NSF: Richard Barvainis & Nigel Sharp

            CSAC: Mario Juric (UW)

            UMd: Michael Kelly (UMd)

            Brokers: Matheson (NOAO), Forster (U Chile), Anais Moller (IN2P3)

            EPO: Xander Hall (freshman, Caltech), Michael Coughlin (U Minnesota)