Here I will put material, links that I used, made, am making while learning Sanskrit (an ongoing process). Will try to emphasize aspects I was most interested in, but found rather difficult to get standard sources to tell me quickly. At least some of the programs need a unicode aware browser. Transliteration key used in my programs.

My Lingua::SA (version 0.08) perl module used by most of my programs here (example scripts and their output).

Nouns (saJjJA)

Noun declinations make word positions (mostly) immaterial.
Verbs (dhAtu)

Indeclinables (avyaya)

These don’t change with tense (lakaar), puruSha (person), liGga (gender), vachan (plurality) etc.
Examples are: ch (and), na (no), api (also), adya (today), atra (here) and lots more

Prefixes (upasarga)

There are 22 of these. They modify the meaning in various fixed ways.

mAheshvarANi sUtrANi (माहेश्वराणि सूत्राणि)

This is the ingenious rearrangement of the alphabet to allow their clustering so that such clusters can be referred to in very succinct grammar rules.


This is the juxtaposition of two terms/words to create an entirely different word, much like compound words.


The joining of words so they sound correct (least effort) is the most fascinating aspect for me.

About anunaasik

These are the nasal sounds, and the link is about their use in written text.

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