The Hawaii-HDF-N is an intensive multi-color imaging survey of 0.2 sq. degrees centered on the HDF-N. Data were collected on the NOAO 4m Mayall telescope, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan 8.2m Subaru telescope and the University of Hawaii 2.2m telescope. We have obtained deep U, B, V, R, I, and z' data over the whole field and deep HK' data over the Chandra Deep Field North. Details are available in this paper. We are providing R and z' selected catalogs along with images for this field to the public.

RMS maps downloaded before November, 17, 2003 should be multiplied by 1.5 to correct for an error in scaling the images. Thanks to Mark Dickinson and the GOODS team for bringing this to my attention.

Thank you to Jim Heasley for donating this server

B, R, z' color image of the central 0.2 sq. degrees