Life Snapshots

Random moments of my life...

Getting higher makes you see the world better...

I will go to the end of the world for my friends.This time I traveled only to London:)

Opening the hiking season for 2015 with a village to village trek on the Italian Amalfi coast

Walking, hiking, trekking...The act of putting one foot in front of the other to go ever deeper into nature is my form of meditation. It brings clarity, peace, a state of quiet blissful existence, happiness...

Working with grandma in her garden. Hidden in the heart of my home country Bulgaria, my village is my little beautiful world no one really knows about.

Taking care of Lilly, one of the street dogs in front of our house in India.

Seeing the world with the owner of my heart and future professor in astronomy

Taking a walk with my mother and sharing my life with her

Watching my brother prepare a salad made with home grown ingredients

Stopping for a toilet break and failing to resist the temptation to make a snowman

Eating the fruit of mulberry trees in early June. I haven't heard of anyone outside Bulgaria and Turkey who does that:)

Taking a class in archery most likely after watching Robin Hood or an episode of Game of Thrones. The caveat is that I can't close just one of my eyes, so my husband (Harish) is assisting:)

Showing Bulgaria and its beauty to Harish

Fixing the roof of the house in my village while others are taking pictures

Getting ready to go into the woods, count trees and measure their diameters as part of a field trip during graduate school. While taping ourselves with duck-tape to avoid ticks, we saw a mama bear with her two cubs!

While living in India and earning in Indian rupees I was always asked to pay a "foreigners fee"! This was one attempt to sneak in with the rest of the family dressed in Indian clothes. It worked:)

Reading a book on the balcony of Harish's parents' house during the quiet hours of the early afternoon in Mysore

Cooking Bulgarian food for my Indian family. They liked it after we spiced it up with a few..maybe several... green chilli peppers