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Bolocam Publications and Funding Agencies

J.J. Bock et al, "Infrared Bolometers With Silicon Nitride Micromesh Absorbers", Proceedings of "Submillimeter and Far Infrared Space Instrumentation", 30th ESLAB Symposium 24-26 September 1996, ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands.

J. Glenn et al, "Bolocam: A millimeter-wave bolometric camera", Proceedings, SPIE International Symposium on Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation, Kona, Hawaii, Vol 3357, p 326.

P. Mauskopf et al, "Bolocam: A 144 Element Bolometer Array Camera for Millimeter Wave Imaging", ASP Conference Proceedings "Imaging at Radio through Submillimeter Wavelengths", Vol 217.

Other Papers Involving Bolocam:

A. Benson et al, "Statistics of Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Cluster Surveys", astro-ph/0110299

A. Blain, "Prospects for future far-infrared/submillimeter studies of the high redshift universe", astro-ph/0008484