Palomar Gattini-IR is a near-IR survey telescope at Palomar Observatory. Though it only has an aperture of 30 cm, it boasts a 25 sq deg field of view --- 40 times larger than any other existing infrared telescope. Palomar Gattini-IR is designed to survey the entire accessible sky (9,000 sq deg) to 16 AB mag (J band) every two nights. With survey operations in full swing, PGIR is facilitating a treasure trove of stellar science in the Milky Way. Read our papers at this ADS library link . Palomar Gattini-IR is a pathfinder for more advanced systems to eventually be constructed at the polar sites of the South Pole, Antarctica and near Eureka on Ellesmere Island, Canada, which will enable observations out to K band. Listen to a lecture by Mansi Kasliwal here and graduate student Kishalay De here.

    Engineering Team
      Jill Burnham
      Alex Delacroix
      Timothee Greffe
      David Hale
      Dan McKenna
      Roger Smith
    Science Team
      Scott Adams
      Michael Ashley
      Kishalay De
      Matt Hankins
      Mansi Kasliwal
      Ryan Lau
      Anna Moore
      Eran Ofek
      Jeno Sokoloski
      Jamie Soon
      Roberto Soria
      Tony Travouillon
      Australian National University
      Australian Research Council
      California Institute of Technology
      Heising-Simons Foundation
      Mount Cuba Foundation
      United States - Israel Binational Science Foundation

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