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< who we are >

      Who we are? Hmmm... This part of our website is empty from the beginning! It looks like none of us is capable of writing a few meaningful lines about ourselves. It`s weird, because we seem to be so inspired when it comes to other subjects.

      First of all, we are actually nothing! We are not some kind of registered astronomical society, or anything like that. We are just a little group of active amateur astronomers who enjoy doing everything related to astronomy! We enjoy reading about astronomy, writing about astronomy, observing and also showing beauties of the sky to others. We are actually those computer geeks from bad American movies, only without the thick glasses and (for the most of us) colonies of zits.

      It all began long time ago, in 1996, when Mario smuggled our first telescope, "Smokich", from England. He spent some time observing the planets, the Moon and bright Messier objects from his skyscraper balcony. Of course, the passion for astronomy would have never grown, if Mislav didn't join him very soon. Few years later, with help of their new telescope "Berta" they participated on a national astronomy contest, and they made a "significant success". Attracted to the fame of their friends, Nikola, Damir and Leon also joined them. By the next competition, they were proficient in astronomy too.

      Today, in our first years of maturity, we don't give up for a second. In Phobos we "terrorize" our dear fellow citizens of Zagreb with star parties, trying to make the magnificent world of astronomy closer to them. Apart from that, we still organize our private observations, with a special help from a new generation of telescopes. More about our activities and equipement can be read in activities and equipement.

Ana BrajoviŠ





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