Hunting for cosmological B-modes in the presence of Galactic foregrounds

Constraints on inflationary models from Planck 2015   E- and B-mode power spectra and projected sensitivity for Spider after two flights
Likelihood results on <i>r</i> from BICEP/Keck   SPIDER sky coverage compared to BOOMERanG and BICEP

  SPIDER: a balloon-borne microwave telescope to measure CMB polarization

  SPIDER: a balloon-borne microwave telescope   Front of the cryostat showing the six half-wave plates (polarization modulators)  One of the six telescope tubes flown on SPIDER

  BLAST & Herschel: submillimeter telescopes to measure the cosmic star-formation history

  BLAST extragalactic maps   Star-formation history across cosmic time

  Dissecting the Cosmic [Far] Infrared Background using stacking analyses

  Stacking is a powerful tool to beat confusion noise (simulation: P. Korngut)   We have dissected and resolved the entire Cosmic [Far] Infrared Background in individual galaxies

  BLASTPol: constraining models of star formation through submillimeter polarimetry

BLASTPol 500 micron intensity and polarization map of the nearby Giant Molecular Cloud (GMC) Vela C