Club X-ray

X-ray astronomy is undergoing a renaissance. The purpose of the X-ray club is for interested scholars to come together and learn the basic ropes of X-ray astronomy. The focus of this club is not "new results from X-ray astronomy" nor "new models for X-ray sources" but is instead to understand the basics of X-ray astronomy: various types of optics (collimators, concentrators, telescopes), detector physics, backgrounds and develop an excellent understanding of the missions. As has been repeatedly demonstrated by the organizer, excellent papers trivially follow from excellent data and analysis. To this end, Kulkarni, the organizer, is arranging a series of talks followed by discussions (with an eye towards internal talks on methods and exciting results). Graduate student Yuhan Yao will function as the secretary of this Club.

Kulkarni welcomes highly interested students and postdocs, particularly those who are keen to learn about X-ray astronomy. This is not an official departmental activity. Membership is by invitation. Those who are members, specifically students & postdocs, agree to abide by a few rules.

  1. Attend talks punctually and consistently.
  2. Agree to read the posted notes and papers ahead of the talks.
  3. Agree not to multi-task (texting, emailing, browsing) during the lecture.
  4. Ask good questions in the Q&A.
Unfortunately, Kulkarni is not in a position to make the same requests for faculty members.

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Members are requested to visit International Astrophysical Consortium for High Energy Calibration. Those who are serious about pursuing X-ray astronomy are urged to register and become members of this organization.

Picture of the Week

I invite Club members to contribute pictures of pedagogical interest.

Magnetic field on the surface of Earth. The SAA is dividing. (source: Division of Geomagnetism, DTU Space)